Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation's Plane Scene Was Inspired By Uncharted Series

Uncharted is a series known for its cinematic sensibilities. It loves spectacle, using camera and set pieces with filmic language to create a sort of blockbuster effect.

But it seems that process has come full circle. Now it is inspiring major movie franchises. The big money shot scene from Mission Impossible 5 seems to be where Tom Cruise is holding onto a plane as it takes off. Director Christopher McQuarrie revealed to a fan that this scene was partially inspired by Naughty Dog series.

Naughty Dog Lead Animator Jeremy Yates responded:

Specifically, it's probably inspired to a similar scene In Uncharted 3 where Nathan Drake tussles aboard a plane. It's a pretty spectacular sequence.

Thanks to VisualKOverLord for the embed.

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