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Monster Squad Documentary Gets New Trailer, Release Date Of October 27

Monster Squad is one of the most important films of the '80s. No, one of the best films of all time. Way better than The Goonies (direct all hate to @jeremyohio on Twitter, but you know I am right). And now there is a documentary about the film and its fandom, titled Wolfman's Got Nards. Obviously, the film gets its title from the movie's most famous line of dialogue. Directed by Fred Dekker and co-written by Shane Black, the 1987 film bombed on release, but in the last 30 years, it has gained a considerable cult following and has become a beloved classic. Nards, directed by Andre Gower, who played Sean in the film, looks at the fandom that has sprung up around the film and its impact on pop culture. Check out the Monster Squad Doc's trailer below:

Monster Squad Fans Are Legion

"When it was released in 1987, The Monster Squad was deemed a failure by critics and was, according to the box office, a film no one cared about. But over the last three decades, word of mouth has turned this sleeping hit into a cultural phenomenon.

WOLFMAN'S GOT NARDS explores the relationship a dedicated audience (including celebrities and filmmakers) has with The Monster Squad. This documentary takes an in-depth look into the film's conception, response, cult status, and revival. Through interviews with the cast, crew, screenwriters, directors, academics, and original reviewers as well as through never-before-seen footage, it turns the lens on an audience of self-proclaimed misfits who have kept The Monster Squad alive for more than thirty years."

Monster Squad Documentary Gets New Trailer, Release Date Of October 27
Monster Squad Wolfman's Got Nards Poster

Honestly, this looks great. I was that kid taping this movie off HBO. I was blown away even then by the practical effects, and I still am now. Hands down, this is my all-time favorite version of Wolfman on screen. I grew up watching the Universal Monsters films with my dad most Saturdays, and to have this adventure film with kids my age starring these creatures was an amazing thing. Over the years, my appreciation for the film has only deepened. I could not be more excited to watch this when it is released on October 27th.

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