Psycho Goreman Waxwork Records Release Is A Treat

Psycho Goreman really snuck up on most when it was released, as the gory sci-fi horror film really tapped into the Midnight Movie fan in all of us. This one is destined to become a favorite at cult movie showings forever if those things come back soon. My town hasn't started doing them again since the pandemic started, and I am dying to go see this with a crowd of people. The Blitz//Berlin score is a huge part of it, as it adds a ton of 80's nostalgia and bombast to Psycho Goreman. It is almost a character itself. Collectors can add the score to their collections right now from Waxwork Records, who were kind enough to send a copy of the vinyl release to us to show you.

Psycho Goreman & Waxwork Are A Match Made In Heaven

This film is like the perfect Waxwork release. A cool synth and guitar score for a cult movie where they can do an out-there design? That is their bread and butter. The jacket artwork by Vance Kelly is colorful and vibrant and really pops off the cardboard. The included art print is really cool, though I wish we had gotten liner notes. I am a sucker for those. The score is on one 180 gram vinyl disc, which is my favorite part of this release. Translucent blue with pink splatter, it looks so freaking cool both in your hands and spinning on your player. Again: fans of 80's films and operatic horror will be right at home with the Psycho Goreman score. Even if you haven't seen the movie yet, the music and narration will fill you with joy.

Psycho Goreman Waxwork Records Release Is A Treat
PG Waxwork Release

This is going to end up being one of my favorite releases of the year. Go here and snag a copy while you still can.

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