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Godzilla Minus One Score Up For Preorder From Waxwork Records
Waxwork Records is the perfect company to release the vinyl of this one, and today, they put it up for preorder The music is spread across two 150-gram "Godzilla Heat Ray" colored discs housed in a gatefold jacket Some of the already iconic images from the film adorn the package This is a preorder and[...]
Se7en Score Now Available To Preorder From Waxwork Records
Iconic composer Howard Shore contributed some of his finest work to the David Fincher classic, and now Waxwork Records are bringing the said score to vinyl The entire thing is presented on two colored 150-gram discs, "Lust & Sloth" colorways This release feels like it walked right out of a vinyl store in 1995 and[...]
Barbie Score Up For Preorder At Waxwork Records
Waxwork Records now has another offering, as they have a "Neon Barbie Pink," as well as four other exclusive color vinyls of the score to the film up for preorder The score by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt spans 18 tracks, and this release also offers a unique jacket with artwork from the film[...]
Goyer's live-action Netflix adaptation of The Sandman. First, Waxwork Records will be releasing a double-vinyl printing of the streaming series' soundtrack But even cooler? You'll find the second thing you need to know in the video below, as Gaiman pays a visit to press a vinyl record for the very first time – and tease how[...]
Renfield Score Up For Preorder From Waxwork Records
Now available on Peacock as of today, the score to the movie from heralded composer Marco Beltrami is also up for preorder for a vinyl release at Waxwork Records today Spread across two 180-gram "Dracula Flesh and Blood" colored discs that actually look a lot like cotton candy, the artwork for this release is handled[...]
The Menu Soundtrack Up For Oder From Waxwork Records
Now, we can own the score from the film from composer Colin Stetson, thanks to Waxwork Records, who continue their absolutely stellar year of releases so far in 2023 The complete score is presented on a 180-gram green splatter disc and features jacket artwork from Matt Needle Chef would approve for sure You can see[...]
Cocaine Bear Soundtrack Up For Order At Waxwork Records
Cocaine Bear was one of the more fun films of 2023 so far, and Waxwork Records must have jumped at the chance to release the soundtrack to the film Available now for preorder, their vinyl set of the soundtrack from iconic musician Mark Mothersbaugh comes on a, you guessed it, 180-gram "cocaine clear" disc and[...]
Knock At The Cabin Score Available For Preorder At Waxwork Records
Nevertheless, the score was a good one, and Waxwork Records has a vinyl release for it up for preorder right now Composer Herdís Stefánsdóttir's score is pressed on a 180-gram black and red disc and can be ordered right here Check it out below. Credit Waxwork Records Knock At The Cabin Waxwork Release Details "Waxwork Records is proud[...]
Chopping Mall Score Coming To Vinyl From Waxwork Records Again
Chopping Mall is a terrible, awesome film from 1986 that record label Waxwork Records released the score for way back in 2014 It was only their fifth release and one of the most sought-after on the aftermarket at this point So, the news that they are repressing it and putting it up for order today[...]
M3gan Soundtrack Vinyl Release Up For Order At Waxwork Records
Music played a big role in the mood and atmosphere of the killer android doll film, and today Waxwork Records has put up for preorder a vinyl release for the music from the film The release sees the Anthony Willis score spread across two 180-gram swirl-colored discs and features artwork from Susi Vilchez This is[...]
TMNT Soundtracks Back On Vinyl At Waxwork Records
Waxwork Records has had the 1990 film and Ooze out before, but they sold out fast As of this weekend, though, they are back, as well as their first pressing for Part 3 Each release is on 180-gram colored vinyl and feature jacket art by none other than Kevin Eastman himself The 1990 soundtrack costs[...]
Rob Zombie's Firefly Trilogy Gets Awesome Box Set From Waxwork Records
Rob Zombie's trilogy of horror films, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, and Three From Hell, known as The Firefly Trilogy, are getting an epic box set release from Waxwork Records The release will feature the soundtracks to all three films spread across two colored 180-gram discs per film, booklets, art prints, and all[...]
The Menu Soundtrack Up For Preorder On Waxwork Records
Continuing their stellar 2022 releases, Waxwork Records is handling the vinyl release of the score Featuring jacket artwork by artist Matt Needle, the score is presented on a single 180-gram splatter color vinyl disc It will also come with a limited edition art print It will run you $30 and is up for preorder as[...]
Godzilla Singular Point Score Up For Order At Waxwork Records
Now, Waxwork Records is taking preorders for the score to the show from composer Kan Sawada The complete score will be spread across two 180-gram "Jet Jaguar" colored discs and features key artwork from the anime series itself It really is an impressive package, and leave it to Waxwork to nail this one, as they[...]
The Ring Soundtrack Up For Preorder At Waxwork Records
It is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, which is crazy to think about, and today Waxwork Records put up a vinyl version of the score to the film by Hans Zimmer for preorder This is the first time it has been available in this format and comes on two 180-gram "Samara & The Well"[...]
Sleepy Hollow's Danny Elfman Score On Order At Waxwork Records
One thing is undeniable, though, and that is that Danny Elfman turned in one of his best scores of his career with this film, and now, thanks to Waxwork Records, we can own it on vinyl Long requested of the label, this release is up for order now and spread across two 180-gram, gorgeous colored[...]
Halloween Ends Soundtrack Exclusive Up For Preorder From Waxwork
Today, preorders began for the score for the film on vinyl, including this exclusive "Sewer Hideout" colored disc from Waxwork Records The score is once again by Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies, all of whom handled the scores for 2018's Halloween and 2021's Halloween Kills It kind of feels like the end of an[...]
Godzilla Vs Kong Soundtrack On Preorder At Waxwork Records
The scores and soundtracks for these films have also been very memorable, and now Waxwork Records is releasing a vinyl version of the Godzilla Vs Kong soundtrack by Tom Holkenborg This version will release spread across two 180-gram colored discs, and is up for order right now Check it out below. Credit Waxwork Records Godzilla Vs[...]
The Exorcist Soundtrack Up For Order At Waxwork Records
The Exorcist is one of the all-time classics, depending on who you ask, and Waxwork Records is continuing their stellar 2022 by releasing the soundtrack to the horror pic Up for order now, the release was done in collaboration with William Friedkin and is a deluxe release with audio sourced from the original mix tapes[...]
Nope Soundtrack Is Up For Order At Waxwork Records
As with all of his movies, the score and soundtrack play key roles, and today Waxwork Records put up a preorder for the Nope soundtrack by Michael Abels. This is the third time they have worked together, after both Get Out and Us as well This release will also feature songs from the film like Corey Hart's[...]
The Munsters Soundtrack Single With Zombo Up For Order At Waxwork
The Munsters is coming out in September from director Rob Zombie, and to help celebrate today, Waxwork Records has opened up orders for a 12" single featuring two songs from the film, "It's Zombo" and "The House Of Zombo." Zombo is an old-school horror host that was introduced in season two of the show, Eddie's[...]
Nosferatu Spinatures Now Available From Waxwork records
Nosferatu is the latest offering in the excellent Waxwork Records line of Spinatures figures, up for order right now and shipping Made to sit on top of your vinyl while playing on a turntable, these figures are for anyone who not only plays records these are great for horror fans as well They feature some[...]
The Black Phone Score Up For Preorder At Waxwork Records
That means we also had to wait longer for this Waxwork Records release of the score to the film on vinyl The score, from composer Mark Korven, is presented on two colored 180-gram discs, features gatefold packaging with a matte finish, and comes with an art print It is up for preorder now, shipping in[...]
Midnight Mass Score Up For Order At Waxwork Records
Midnight Mass was the best thing released last year, film or show, and once again, Mike Flanagan is partnering with the fine folk at Waxwork Records to release the score to the show from The Newton Brothers The score is presented across three 180-gram colored discs, features never-before-published portraits and artwork, and liner notes from[...]
My Bloody Valentine Soundtrack Vinyl Preorder From Waxwork Records
Now, fans and collectors can now own a copy of this music for the very first time ever, thanks to a new vinyl release from Waxwork Records Coming spread across two red-colored discs, this release allowed Waxwork to tinker around with the original master tapes and should be one of the best horror vinyl releases[...]
The Northman Score Available To Order From Waxwork Records
Waxwork Records, in association with Sacred Bones, has an exclusive vinyl colorway available to order right now You can get more details on the release down below. Credit Waxwork Records The Northman Score Waxwork Records Release Details "While arranging the score, the composers consulted musician and ethnographer Poul Høxbro for inspiration and insight into the history of Viking[...]
The War Of The Gargantuas On Preorder At Waxwork Records
The War of the Gargantuas is the latest kaiju soundtrack being brought to vinyl by Waxwork Records Now, I will not pretend that I have ever seen this film because I haven't, but I am a sucker for a kaiju film score; they are always epic, heart-pounding, and a bit cheesy – perfection, really The[...]
King Kong Escapes Soundtrack On Preorder At Waxwork Records
Today, King Kong Escapes continues the kaiju score releases from Waxwork Records, as the complete score is available for preorder Done by composer Akira Ifukube, the score is presented on a 180 gram "Element X" green vinyl disc It has been a really long time since I have seen this film, but I do remember when[...]
CHUD Soundtrack Remastered & Available From Waxwork Records
Naturally, the fine folks at Waxwork Records saw an opportunity to provide a keepsake from the film and are now taking preorders for the film's soundtrack on vinyl They worked closely with the composers of the score, Martin Cooper and David Hughes, to find the original 1984 master tapes and completely remastered the score from[...]
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Soundtrack Up For Order At Waxwork
For fans, Waxwork Records is now taking orders for the soundtrack for the film on vinyl This is the first time the soundtrack has ever been released, featuring music by Jerry Lambert Check it out below. Credit Waxwork Records Waxwork Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Release Details Waxwork Records is proud to release the complete original film score by[...]