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Psycho Goreman Waxwork Records Release Is A Treat
Psycho Goreman really snuck up on most when it was released, as the gory sci-fi horror film really tapped into the Midnight Movie fan in all of us This one is destined to become a favorite at cult movie showings forever if those things come back soon My town hasn't started doing them again since[...]
Psycho Goreman Is On DVD Now...And There Is A Happy Meal Too
Psycho Goreman released to much fanfare this past January and is destined to become a modern cult classic We checked out the DVD of the film this weekend, and it more than lived up to the hype Taking the spirit of films like The Goonies and The Monster Squad and turning the dial to 11,[...]
PG: Psycho Gorman Hits Blu-ray, DVD On March 16th
PG: Psycho Goreman, the sleeper hit sci-fi film from Canada, is heading to Blu-ray The film, a weird and wonderful mix of everything you grew up watching in the '80s and '90s, is written and directed by Steven Kostanski, and stars Nita-Josee Hanna (Books of Blood, 4teen), Owen Myre ("NOS4A2," Alternate Ground), Adam Brooks (The Return, Father's Day), Alexis Hancey (Silver Tongue ), and Matthew Ninaber (Transference)[...]
Psycho Gorman Soundtrack Available On Vinyl Form Waxwork Records
Waxwork Records is now taking orders for the vinyl soundtrack to a Canadian film titled PG: Psycho Goreman Until today, I had never heard of this film, and after looking more into the film and this soundtrack by Blitz/Berlin, I must watch it This release will come on 180-gram vinyl and feature an awesome splatter[...]