Regina, Zelena, Belle & Hook! Once Upon A New Set Of POP! Vinyls

With the new season fast approaching Funko has announced a new set of Once Upon a Time POP! Vinyls. This is the second series that the TV show will have out, but these are way cooler than the others! Funko has been steadily increasing the design quality of their POP!s since day one, and now they are giving more incentive to buy some of the same characters that you might already own because of an outfit change or item addition. This new set of Once Upon a Time POP!s are a great example. Take a look:

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Now, just to be clear, Regina and Hook have already had POP!s released, but Belle and Zelena are new to the group. I own both Regina and Hook, but I'm going to need to get these new versions because they are just awesome! The additions of fireballs and excalibur make for such unique Once Upon a Time collectibles. The series is set to release in October, and with one month left until the premiere of the new season I'd say we have an exciting Fall to look forward to. Once Upon a Time season six premieres Sunday, September 25th at 8pm on ABC.

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