Reid Scott Of 'Veep' Is In Talks To Join 'Venom'

Another week, another rumored cast member for Venom. Vairty has thrown out yet another name for Sony spin-off movie which, at this point, has a bunch of rumored cast members but no one confirmed. This time the name is Reid Scott from Veep and Sony has no comment on the casting. There is also no rumor as to who Scott could be playing in the spin-off movie.

Reid Scott Of 'Veep' Is In Talks To Join 'Venom'

Venom, which is due for release in about a year, is the first of the Spider-Man-less Spider-Man movies that Sony is working on with the other being Silver and Black. These movies are not connected to the Tom Holland version of the character that is currently bouncing around the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We don't know anything else about what this Venom movie will entail but there are rumors the villain will be Carnage.

Scott Rosenberg ("Jumanji"), Jeff Pinkner ("The Dark Tower"), and Kelly Marcel will write the script for "Venom." Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing the movie, along with Amy Pascal. Palak Patel and Eric Fineman are overseeing the project for Columbia Pictures.

Venom, directed by Ruben Fleischer, will star Tom Hardy. There are other rumored, but not confirmed, cast members which includes Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate and Michelle Williams. It will be released on October 5th, 2018.

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