Remember Resident Evil: The Final Chapter? Get Ready To Do It All Over Again – It's Reboot Time!

resident evil retribution

Well that didn't take long – Resident Evil: The Final Chapter released on blu-ray and dvd on May 16th. As of this writing, that's 5 days ago. Less than a week. And now there's word from Variety that German production house Constantin Film is planning to do an original 6-film franchise, effectively rebooting the whole thing all over again.

Constantin is the company that produced the original films, along with other far less successful films (the Fantastic Four films, Pompeii, and We Are the Night), so perhaps they're needing to keep a title going that'll keep the coffers from bleeding red.

It's all so fresh in our minds, seeing one without star Milla Jovovich will be pretty odd. Remember it's been her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson that directed all of the films thus far and directed four of them (they originally met during the filming of the first installment back in 2002).

No other details are yet available, like if Anderson will still be attached or any casting. We'll definitely be circling back around on this story as we hear more.

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