Remembering The Dark Swan: Once Upon A Time Season 5 Box Set Releases Today

The time is drawing near Oncers! Soon a new season of Once Upon a Time will be upon us. However, there's no time like the present to re-watch the fifth season of the hit ABC show. Today brings the release of the complete 5th season on DVD/Blu-Ray.


Entertainment Weekly featured an exclusive deleted scene on their website yesterday, which appears to be one of many deleted scenes in the collection.

The description read:

"In an exclusive deleted scene from Once Upon a Time's fifth season, viewers get to see how Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) felt about killing his own father, a test from the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) to see if he'd be able to kill her own mother Cora (Barbara Hershey)."

(See the deleted scene and read the full story here.)

It's always fun to watch deleted scenes with this show. Not that it often changes anything major, but it does add a bit of extra content to the story. If only there was a scene that brought Robin back to life, am I right?

Once Upon a Time Season 6 premieres on September 25th at 8 p.m.