Rob Liefeld Has Career Advice For Russell Crowe: Try To Score Cable Role In Deadpool Sequel


When it comes to advice for finding Hollywood success, you could do worse than taking it from superstar comics artist Sir Robert Liefeld. Following the runaway success of Deadpool, the film based on the character created by Liefeld with a minor assist from Marvel janitor Fabian Nicieza, Liefeld has recently cut a deal to bring his entire Extreme Comics universe to the big screen in an effort headed up by Akiva Goldsman. What we're trying to say is, when you're offered a free Liefeld Lottery ticket, you don't turn that down.

Actor Russell Crowe knows what we're talking about, because when Liefeld advised him to try out for the part of Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel…

…Crowe was more than willing to listen, even if he seemed a little put off by the idea that he should actually try out for a part:

Still, he did seem interested, and he'd be a fool not to.

And even Liefeld came away with a lesson, to lay off the Jolt Cola a little bit before hopping on Twitter:

On the contrary, we support highly caffeinated Rob Liefeld tweets on a regular basis. They make for great article fodder.


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