Rumor: Alfonso Cuaron Offered The Shining Prequel The Overlook Hotel


I pretty much believe this rumor since I believe Alfonso Cuaron is probably the top choice for any number of projects, especially at Warner Bros, where he did Gravity. But Schmoes Knows are reporting that the studio have offered him a very specific project: The Overlook Hotel, which is a prequel to Stephen King's classic The Shining.

The Schmoes say Cuaron has the exclusive rights to say yes or no to the project, so the ball is in his court. There's no plot details available, but you know, it'll be about a haunted hotel. The Walking Dead's Glen Mazzara was in talks to write the script at one point, but it's unclear if any of that is in whatever draft they have now.

Of course, Cuaron is already in "deep talks" to take on another big project at the studio – Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – so it's unclear how either of these projects would affect each other if he wants to both.

But I'm sure WB would do their best to accommodate him if he did. Wouldn't you?

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