RUMOR: Universal Pictures Wants Dwayne Johnson For The Wolfman

Dwayne-JohnsonThe Dark Universe appears to be moving forward before we know whether or not it's going to work. We already know that Javier Bardem is Frankenstein's monster, Johnny Depp is the Invisible Man, Russell Crowe is making his first appearence as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the upcoming movie The Mummy. We also know that the next movie will be Bride of Frankenstein and will be directed by Bill Condon which will be released in 2019. We have quite a few of the monsters covered but one of the major ones we're missing is the Wolfman. Collider managed to find a rumor on a piece by The Hollywood Reporter that says that Universal might be courting someone for the role; Dwayne Johnson.

Johnson's career has sky rocketed over the last couple of years with his star making turn in the Fast and Furious movies to his amazing voice over work in Moana. He doesn't always pick winners but the man has enough charisma to spare. Aside from the Fast and Furious movies Johnson never really got the "action star" crown that seemed to be waiting for him after his wrestling career. He's generally seen as likable and approachable despite being roughly the size of a house so the idea that he could play a monster is an interesting one. The idea that the Wolfman is a nice and affable guy as a human and a terrifying creature as a monster would make for an interesting movie.

dark-universe-logoAt the moment this isn't anything more than a rumor. We likely won't know the Wolfman casting for some time. Bride of Frankenstein is next and while there isn't a shortlist yet Angelina Jolie has also been rumored. It also appeared that The Mummy director >Alex Kurtzman and writer/producer Chris Morgan appear to be taking on the role of watching over this entire universe. We said several months ago that we were concerned that no one was behind the wheel of this universe but now that they have committed to it, branding these movies as a universe, Kurtzman and Morgan appear to be the ones steering this car. At least someone is.

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