Let's Take a Look at Scream Factory's The Bride Blu-Ray

The Bride is out on Blu-ray from Scream Factory this week, and they were kind enough to send one over for us to take a look at. Lets dive right in to this one!

The Bride Scream Factory Blu Ray Release Cover


The Bride is one of those films that if you grew up in the mid-80's, you probably saw the VHS cover of in the store and walked right on by. Not saying you would be faulted for that, as this cult classic (I guess?) is laughably bad in most parts. The whole main story of the film with Sting and Jennifer Beals is terrible. Sting could not look more bored to be there, and Beals has zero chemistry with him. It's unbearable. However, the story of Victor (Clancy Brown) and Rinaldo (the late David Rappaport) is great. They have a wonderful relationship onscreen, and make you care about what happens to them. The scene of them in the tavern is hilarious. When Rinaldo gives Victor his name, there is real emotional heft. A good film could have been made of just those two, but that is not supposed to be what we are here for.

Picture Quality: 🍿 🍿🍿🍿

This looks better than it has any business looking. Major props to the team that restored this film. Everything is crystal clear here, almost to a fault. I could not find any info on what the budget of this film was, but with the clarity provided here you can see it wasn't much. The film plays smooth the entire way through and I had no issues that jumped out at me. Just really solid, clean work.

Sound Quality:🍿🍿

Here is where they dropped the ball. The quality fluctuates frequently, and had me reaching for my sound systems remote after every transition. I don't know what source they had to take this from, but it wasn't a good one. Most of Sting's lines are indecipherable. Seriously: I have no idea what he was saying in most scenes, his voice was very muffled. Couple that with Beals being too quiet, and it was a frustrating experience. There were also a couple syncing issues during scene transitions. The mono track is better, but not by much. Turn on the closed captions.

Special Features:🍿

Bare bones as it gets. Which may not even be their fault really. I can't imagine there is much lying around for this film. Here is what you do get:

– Audio Commentary with director Franc Roddam

-Monster: An Interview With Actor Clancy Brown

-Interview With Franc Roddam

-TV Spot

The commentary is ok, nothing too crazy. I wish they had more people sit in on it. The Clancy Brown interview is good but for some reason it is in two-parts, and as interesting as I find Brown it dragged on forever. The interview with Roddam also goes on for a really long time, and is just not that interesting.

The Bride Still

If you remember The Bride from when you were younger, pick this up and relive it. It will never look better than this, and Scream Factory continues to give special care to films that otherwise would never in a million years get it. Just fast-forward through the Sting/Jennifer Beals parts. If you would like to order a copy, you can do so here.


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