We Shouldn't Expect The Girl Who Played With Fire Remake Says Rooney Mara


David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was a fine film. While ultimately flawed, it really had its moments and I think it was a worthwhile endeavour to remake.

However, after all these years, if you were holding your breath for The Girl Who Played With Fire, perhaps curb your enthusiasm. This comes from star of the film Rooney Mara, who recently spoke to Screen Daily about coming back to the role. She doesn't seem optimistic for the sequel's chancs.

She said plainly:

Yes, I'm still open to it but I'm not holding out hope any more.

Mara really was great in the role, and I'd for sure pay to see her back in the shoes. However, I also want Fincher out doing his own thing. Could there be a sequel without him? I'm sure there could, but at this point, it feels that boat sailed a little while ago.

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