Star Wars Celebration Orlando… Did You Get Up Early For A Wristband, Cut In Line Or Stay In Bed? #SWCO

As of 4.30am there were over 3000 people in line for Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida. This seems to surprise some people.

Well, there are wristbands to be picked up for the Celebration Stage, and more.

The 40th Anniversary Panel coming up appears to be the big one.

And plenty of lines for them.

Although not everyone was happy about how that worked.

It does appear to be a common complaint.

Clearly, the Force is not strong in this one.

Well, you know who you should call for then?

There is no try, there is only do.

And they did! Man, Yoda can be a right fascist sometimes. Still some maintain that "can do attitude".

And there is still a long way to go for many…

Far, far away…

Though some are ahead…

And some… are not.

Have fun today, folks! Stay safe! Let us know how it goes! There appear to be quite a lot of you!


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