Storybook Romance Ends in Heartbreak as Strowman, Bliss Eliminated from WWE Mixed Match Challenge

We hate to be the bearers of bad news… okay, that's not true. It's one of our favorite parts of this job. But in this particular situation, even we're sad about it. The storybook romance between Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss appears to be over!

Flirtations between Bliss, the WWE Raw Women's Champion, and Strowman, the Monster Among Men, began when the two were teamed up for WWE's Mixed Match Challenge, a mixed tag tournament airing EXCLUSSSIVELY on Facebook Live.  Romantic tension between the unlikely pairing was clear from their first match, where, after securing a victory, Strowman remarked that Bliss was cute, and Bliss suggested that the two of them would go all the way… in the Mixed Match Challenge tournament.

Things only got hotter in their next matchup, with the pair ending up in close physical proximity on more than one occasion during the match. This week, as Strowman and Bliss faced off against Asuka and The Miz, it seemed like the burgeoning romance would be cemented with a kiss when Bliss grabbed Strowman's beard and pulled him in close. However, Miz chose that moment to attack Strowman from behind.

In doing so, Miz may have effectively secured the victory for his team. So angered by Miz's c***-blocking, Strowman later charged at Miz, smashing him through the ringside barricade, and putting both men out of action. That left Asuka, who remains undefeated in WWE, to finish off Bliss and gain the three count. Watch the full match here.

After the match, in a backstage interview, Strowman attempted to continue the romance, but it was clear that the magic was gone.

Have we seen the last of this Beauty and the Beast pairing? First of all, it's not very nice of you to call Alexa Bliss a "beast." Second, you should know by now to never say never in WWE.

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