Superbad Director Talks About What He Would Like To Do Instead Of A Direct Sequel


Superbad still endures today, with a huge pedigree that feels like it shaped the modern mainstream comedy scene. Everyone who is big in the genre today feels less then a degree or two of seperation from that film. That is why it is kind of surprising that a sequel never got made, especially as sequels for the most popular comedy films feel inevitable today.

Perhaps here is the reason why. Speaking to CinemaBlend, director Greg Mottola said he wouldn't be so into a direct sequel, but did say he would love a reunion of the entire cast to make an entirely new movie. He said:

I would love to reunite with every single person who worked on that movie, but we all feel like we got to do something special when no one was looking, and we certainly don't want to shit on it. But I keep pitching, 'Let's just get everyone together and shoot a different movie with all the same cast, down to like the one line parts. Get every last person into a different movie.' I would love to see that. I'll have to see if he'll take me up on that. But yeah, maybe when everyone is like 20 years older.

He also added that there were talks about a a sequel, and Judd Apatow was keen, but in the end neither Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg or Mottola could come up with a good concept for a sequel.

I like the idea of not doing a Superbad 2 so much, but rather a sister film of sorts. Something like an American version of the Cornetto trilogy (merely in concept) could have legs.