Michael Keaton Batman Return Teased By Flash Director Andy Muschietti

The Flash is filming now, with director Andy Muschietti in the director's seat, and today he dropped a tease that many fans will salivate over for weeks. An image was shared on his personal Instagram account of the 1989 Batman symbol with blood on it, teasing the return of Michael Keaton's version of The Dark Knight. We don't know what this may mean for the film itself, as there was no text attached, but all will be answered soon, I would think. There is no way they could help themselves and not reveal Keaton in the suit on The Flash set if it happens. See the pic below.

Michael Keaton Batman Return Teased By Flash Director Andy Muschietti
The Flash Batman Tease. Credit Andy Muschietti

The Flash Is The Latest Batman Sequel From WB

In The Flash, Ezra Miller returns to the role opposite Kiersley Clemons as Iris West. Ben Affleck will don the Batman suit, as will Michael Keaton apparently. The film will reportedly deal with the Flashpoint storyline, where Barry goes back in time to stop his mom's murder, creating multiple timelines and splintering the very fabric of time itself. Nobody knows how big a role Batman will play in the film or which version is the bigger role.

I find it hilarious that it took years for them to finally get The Flash in front of cameras, and the only thing anyone can talk about is Batman. Maybe they should change the title to Batman: The Flash and complete the transition. As a way bigger fan of The Flash character, it irks me that the only way I can get a film starring the character is to stick Batman in it yet again, but that is par for the course for DC. If it's not Batman, they don't care.

The Flash Batman sequel is set for release on November 4th, 2022.

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