The Hunt's Jason Blum – 'I Would Take Out The Current Administration'

There's been a lot of heat of late over the release of The Hunt, a movie written by Nick Cuse and Damon Lindel in which twelve Republican-supporting strangers wake up in a clearing and realize that they're being hunted by liberal elites, calling them 'deplorables'.

Universal will no longer be releasing the BlumHouse film on September 27th as planned. They initially paused marketing campaign for the film, then stated that "While Universal Pictures had already paused the marketing campaign for 'The Hunt,' after thoughtful consideration, the studio has decided to cancel our plans to release the film. We stand by our filmmakers and will continue to distribute films in partnership with bold and visionary creators, like those associated with this satirical social thriller, but we understand that now is not the right time to release this film."

Donald Trump attacked the media as a result of publicity for the film, stating "Hollywood is racist. What they're doing, with the kind of movies they're putting out — it's actually very dangerous for our country."

I'm not entirely sure that a movie in which a bunch of Trump-supporting everyday joes fight back against a bunch of liberal elites trying to hunt them down and call them deplorables feeds entirely into Trump's detractors.

Nevertheless, producer of the movie and founder of BlumHouse Productions, Jason Blum had already made his opinions about Trump and the current administration rather clear.

When he was doing press for Happy Death Day, the movie he produced a couple of years ago, they asked him what he would do if he could keep reliving the same day, and would be able to act without any consequences. While director Chris Landon said he would eat and eat and eat, Jason Blum said "I would take out the current administration" followed by laughter by Landon. Blum, however, looked rather serious…

Take out? Maybe he meant on a dinner date, or to the local petting zoo. Yes, let's go with that, shall we?

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