The Six Important Moments From Arrow – The Fallen

*** This articles contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Arrow ***


So that happened. That was Felicity Smoak's line but it may also sum up the events of the latest episode of Arrow called The Fallen. Just about everything this season has been building up to this moment and it all goes back to the moment that Sara Lance / The Canary was killed at the end of the season premiere. Makes you wonder what is going to happen with three episodes still to go and we know the executive producers like to end with a bang. Here are the six important moments from The Fallen:

1) The episode opens with a lot of emotional scenes. Oliver Queen discovers his sister Thea near dead on the floor of their loft. She has been run through with a sword by Ra's al Ghul. Doctor's efforts keep her alive but she is not going to recover. As Oliver grieves over his sister, Malcolm Merlyn arrives and is also devastated by the loss of his daughter. This scene shows us just how important Thea is to both men and how their love for her has forced them to work together this season. We also learn that saving Thea is what it would take to make Oliver accept Ra's offer.

2) They are going to take Thea to Nanda Parbat which means they need a jet, which Ray Palmer has. But as I pointed out last week, Ray now sees that Felicity is still in love with Oliver. Its a tough scene because Ray is a really good guy and a great match for Felicity, but he knows it won't work. And even though they are ending their relationship, he still loans her his jet to go somewhere with Oliver and doesn't ask any questions. This is definitely the guy to lead the spinoff series.

3) Upon arrival in Nanda Parbat, Thea is prepared for the ceremony and eventually lowered into the pit. Multiple times prior to their arrival, Malcolm tried to convince Oliver not to do it. Suggesting taking her to STAR Labs or anything else, warning him that the Lazarus Pit changes the person in their soul. One Thea comes out of the pit, she is healed but her mind is confused. She knows Malcolm but not Oliver and wants to know where her mother is. Through the episode she seems to be getting better, but I have a feeling we are far from her getting back to "normal" and that may carry over into season four.

4) After it is all done and Oliver has accepted Ra's offer, Felicity confronts the Demon's Head and threatens to go to war against him to save Oliver. Ra's seems to respect her fire and gives her advice, to take the time to say what is in her heart before Oliver is taken from her forever. This leads to her going to Oliver and the two speak from the heart that leads them into the bed. This has been going back and forth all season and it finally pays off well before the season finale. But it also gives Felicity a chance to slip Oliver a drug that knocks him out so they can try and sneak away with him.

5) John Diggle had a moment to speak with Maseo Yamashiro. We learn that Maseo was there when his son died, but John is able to push the right buttons so that when the go to escape, Maseo helps. They try going through the catacombs with Malcolm and Thea while John carries the unconscious Oliver. They fight a few of the League but when they get trapped by a half dozen, it's Oliver who saves them. He calls himself Al Sah-Him (the Arrow), heir to the demon and orders them to obey, which they do. He then walks them to the edge of the base and says his goodbyes.

6) At the end, Ra's spares Maseo's life for betraying the League of Assassins, claiming it was the actions of his past self and that he will be needed to aide Oliver. They then start the process by branding him with his new name, the arrow head we've been seeing on commercial breaks all season. Oliver takes the branding and then takes on his new uniform as a member of the League. This would have been a very interesting place to end the season. But with three episodes left and we know he shows up in The Flash finale, there seems to be a lot more to come.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim said that next week's episode goes back to the villain of the week… except the villain is Oliver Queen and it looks like he's supposed to kill Nyssa.


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