The "Uncharted" Movie Loses Yet Another Director

We think it might be time to admit that this is a project that just isn't happening. Back in January we learned that director Dan Trachtenberg has signed on to direct the adaptation of Uncharted for Sony. The project has been in various levels of development for over ten years and it looks like it was finally getting off of the ground. Tom Holland signed on to star and in June Sony even gave the movie a release date. It seems that fate is not on the side of the Uncharted. Or the production is cursed.

Uncharted amy hennig

According to Deadline has left the project and Sony is frantically trying to find yet another director to take on the Uncharted movie. They are "having meetings" so we can assume there is a shortlist out there somewhere.

If the movie wants to make its 2020 release date they are going to have to find that director very soon. Sources are saying that Sony will have a new director by the end of the summer with production set to start early next year. That would give this new director the rest of the fall and the beginning of the winter to make their own adjustments to the script.

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