Ticket Booth: The Book of 47 Meters Down Rough Night Cars 3

Ticket Booth: The Book of 47 Meters Down Rough Night Cars 3

It's time for another edition of what will hopefully become a much more regular segment; Ticket Booth. It's where we look at the new releases for the week and at a few examples of the movie going audience. I offer advice as what group should go see which movie — which is, of course, just a suggestion. No one can tell you how to spend your money, because it's your money. This week we're going to look at Cars 3, 47 Meters Down, The Book of Henry, and Rough Night which is a nice broad range of genres.

Ticket Booth: The Book of 47 Meters Down Rough Night Cars 3There is a reason why Pixar keeps making more Cars movies and it's because the toyline has done extremely well. It's not surprising that we're getting a third entry into this series but what is surprising is that it's probably the best one thus far. Cars 3 continues the series toward its logical conclusion and while the ending does go to an interesting place the movie itself is a bit all over the place. There are moments that the kids will love and there are moments that will likely leave them bored to tears. However, there are enough new colorful characters that they will probably enjoy the movie overall. As for the parents in the audience you could do a lot worse.

Ticket Booth: The Book of 47 Meters Down Rough Night Cars 3For the teenagers in the audience they have a few choices. While 47 Meters Down is much more teen oriented it's still not a very good movie. There are better shark movies available on netflix or hulu for those looking for a summer movie with the ocean's greatest predator. 47 Meters Deep adds absolutely nothing to the genre and doesn't even do anything really interesting with its own premise. The Shallows from last year was also dumb but was also a lot more fun even if it did go completely bonkers by the end. If they want a really good shark movie then they should seek out Open Water. If a teenager must see a movie this weekend then Wonder Woman would be a much better way to spend their money even if they have seen the movie before.

Ticket Booth: The Book of 47 Meters Down Rough Night Cars 3As for the adults in the audience they might be tempted to check out The Book of Henry but that is not a good idea. That movie is trending so badly that people are wondering if director Colin Trevorrow is going to get kicked off of Star Wars: Episode IX. For the adults not looking for an R-rated adult experience Wonder Woman is still the better option to go with. For those looking for an R-rated adult experience our own Bill has reviewed Rough Night and while it is far from a perfect film it's not terrible according to him. While it might not be worth a full price ticket if there was a way to make the matinee and maybe avoid the snacks it could be worth a night on the town.

For a family Cars 3 is probably going to be the movie they want to see but if they aren't interested a kid as young as six or seven likely wouldn't have a problem with Wonder Woman if they haven't seen it yet (note: I am not a parent but according to people I know who are their opinion was that it was okay for kids). For the teenagers there isn't much out there for them to see. If they want a summer blockbuster shark movie they should stay home and rent something much better such as The Shallows or Open Water. The adults could check out Rough Night if the R-rated comedy is something you're into but if not Wonder Woman is still fantastic and worth seeing more than once.

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