Video Released in Morgan Freeman Sexual Harassment Investigation

The CNN reporters who broke the news of the sexual harassment allegations against Morgan Freeman have now released video evidence to support their claims.

Chloe Melas, CNN's Entertainment Reporter and co-author of the report, said the inspiration for the investigation was sparked by a firsthand experience.

07/18/2012: Morgan Freeman at the European premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises".
07/18/2012: Morgan Freeman at the European premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises". Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency /

In the video released (which was recorded at a press event for Going in Style), Freeman can be heard saying "Boy, do I wish I was there," to a six-months-pregnant Melas. He can also be seen looking her up and down.

Melas says other comments were made before and after that comment but were not caught on tape.

In the same video, WGN Chicago producer Tyra Martin is also seen speaking to Freeman at a junket for Now You See Me. According to Melas, Martin has spoken to Freeman multiple times over the last decade, and that:

"He always made sexually charged comments. But there was one time she felt truly crossed the line. That was when he asked her not to pull down her skirt as she stood up to leave the interview. Now it's unclear if that incident was ever caught on tape."

"But we do, Carol,  have an example of some of his behavior with her from another interview."

In the same video as the exchange with Melas, you can see and hear Freeman telling Martin, "You've got magic written all over you, child," and that "I'm enjoying bachelor life immensely, and I get to look at you (Martin) and drool."

You can read more on the allegations of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment by Freeman here.

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