Warner Bros Launches "Unite The League" Site, Provides Highly Photoshop-able Justice League Image


In conjunction with the Aquaman-centric teaser trailer for Saturday's actual trailer, a logo poster featuring the tagline "Unite," an Aquaman character poster featuring that same tagline, and a Batman-centric trailer for the trailer, and presumably upcoming teaser trailers for each character and respective posters, Warner Bros has launched a new website to promote the upcoming Justice League movie: UniteTheLeague.com. Talented internet sleuths will be able to deduce some important bits of information from the website. For instance, if you click on Join The League…


You can see that only Aquaman is currently available to choose from. Can we assume that other characters will have posters similar to Aquaman's released in the near future, at which point their squares will become available on the site? Also, if Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and The Flash are five of those squares, who is the sixth? Superman? Green Lantern? Adam Warlock? We'll have to wait and find out.

Perhaps the most valuable thing to be gleaned from this website, however, is the highly photoshop-able Justice League image seen in the background.


Which can be brightened like so:


And then applied to a limitless number of potential images, like so:

Warner Bros Launches "Unite The League" Site, Provides Highly Photoshop-able Justice League Image

Right-click and save the Justice League team photo with transparent background and send us whatever you make out of it on Twitter @BleedingCool with the hashtag #UniteTheLeague. If you're creative and funny enough, maybe we'll feature the best ones in a future article, unless we forget about this ten seconds after we publish it.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.


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