Will "It" Director Andy Muschietti Replace Doug Liman On Justice League Dark/Dark Universe?


Yesterday, we learned that Doug Liman is the latest director to depart a DC project, with scheduling conflicts reportedly behind the decision. Of course, judging by recent comments from Liman about his Justice League Dark concept and his ideas about superheroes in general — that they are just action heroes with pouches — the departure might be for the best. Liman isn't the first director to leave Justice League Dark. Guillermo Del Toro was long expected to direct the film before Liman took over, with Del Toro also citing scheduling conflicts. But still, the question remains: who will be Liman's replacement?

THR reporter Borys Kit, who often reports more news on Twitter on Twitter than he does in actual articles, has an idea:

This story is in the rumor category for now, which is why we've reported it with a question mark in the headline so we can reap the hits without actually taking a risk on being wrong. So take it with a grain of salt, and check back to see if it pans out, and then check back even later when Andy Muschietti eventually leaves the film as well.

What? 100% of the directors so far have left the film. It's a statistical probability!

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