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Universal Reportedly Circling the Shoot Tom Cruise Into Space Film

Universal Reportedly Circling the "Shoot Tom Cruise Into Space" Film

A new film, with Cruise starring and producing and Doug Liman directing, will be made with the full cooperation of SpaceX and NASA and will bring Cruise and the production crew to actual space When this news first broke, it seemed like a natural fit for Paramount Pictures who have been indulging Cruise's whims for insane[...]

Daisy Ridley Shoring Up Post Star Wars Work In Talks For New Thriller

Daisy Ridley Shoring Up Post Star Wars Work, In Talks For New Thriller

The star has not shied away from her displeasure the attention Star Wars brought with it and looks to break out of the funk some young stars of the saga found when they left a galaxy far, far away.Daisy Ridley does also have the highly anticipated film Chaos Walking with Tom Holland and directed by[...]

Edge of Tomorrow 2 Emily Blunt Still Hopes It Can Happen

'Edge of Tomorrow 2'? Emily Blunt Still Hopes It Can Happen

Emily Blunt is making the rounds for A Quiet Place Part 2 right now, and IndieWire asked the actress about the Edge of Tomorrow sequel status, from director Doug Liman being excited to start to bringing in new writer Matthew Robinson who may have figured it all out:[caption id="attachment_1175720" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Editorial credit: DFree /[...]

Tyrants Keon Alexander Jumping to Doug Liman Series Impulse for YouTube Red

Tyrant's Keon Alexander Jumping to Doug Liman Series 'Impulse' for YouTube Red

Directed by Doug Liman (Bourne Identity), the series pilot was written by Jeffrey Lieber (Lost, Lucifer), Jason Horwitch (Marvel’s Luke Cage) and Gary Spinelli (Stash House); with Liman taking on directorial responsibilities.Based on Steven Gould’s “Jumper” series of novels, Alexander's Dominick is a teleporter who has been on the run for years after escaping a laboratory[...]

Impulse: Doug Liman Jumps Back to the Jumper Universe in YouTube Red Teaser

Impulse: Doug Liman Jumps Back to the 'Jumper' Universe in YouTube Red Teaser

With Doug Liman's (The Bourne Identity) action drama series Impulse set to have a strong panel presence at this weekend's WonderCon, YouTube Red has released our first teaser look at the new series that's set to premiere on the service this summer.YouTube Red's Impulse panel -- moderated by IGN Executive TV Editor Laura Prudom --[...]

Tom Cruise And Doug Liman Talk American Made

Tom Cruise And Doug Liman Talk American Made

American Made start Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman appear together to talk about their new film and how all of, "this s#!t really happened." The story of a contraband runner who would take jobs from the CIA / DEA and drug lord Pablo Escobar The film looks completely crazy and a lot of fun.Synopsis[...]

What If Tom Cruise Made A Good Movie And Nobody Noticed

What If Tom Cruise Made A Good Movie And Nobody Noticed?

We're three weeks away from the September 29th debut of American Made, a film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, The Bourne Identity), and the film damn near doesn't exist in the entertainment media nor on social media I'm exaggerating about that, but not by much.They've dropped one trailer, one[...]

Doug Liman Explains Why He Left Justice League Dark

Doug Liman Explains Why He Left Justice League Dark

The reason why it was a surprise was that the most recent director on the production, Doug Liman, had walked away from the project several months before There were rumors that DC and Warner Bros were looking for a new director but nothing ever came of it That logo is the closest we've had to[...]

YouTube Red Jump-Starts Limans Impulse To Series

YouTube Red Jump-Starts Liman's 'Impulse' To Series

YouTube Red continues adding to their original programming slate with the announcement that Impulse, directed and executive-produced by Doug Liman (Swingers, Edge of Tomorrow) from author Steven Gould's Jumper series, has received a series order for a 2018 premiere.By green-lighting the sci-fi thriller/drama, YouTube Red is adding to a lineup that also includes recently-announced sci-fi[...]

Trailer For American Made Teases A Truly Insane True Story

Trailer For 'American Made' Teases A Truly Insane True Story

Director Doug Liman described the movie back in 2015 and why it appealed to him as a filmmaker: "I love stories of improbable heroes working against the system, and Barry Seal took the government, and our country, for an unbelievable ride Interpreting his story has the makings for an entertaining film that is equal parts satire,[...]

Doug Liman Teases A Scene Stealing Character For Edge Of Tomorrow 2

Doug Liman Teases A "Scene Stealing" Character For 'Edge Of Tomorrow 2'

We already reported on the mouthful of a title this movie got but director Doug Liman was speaking to Collider and dropped some new information Live Die Repeat and Repeat“I think what people tend to do with sequels is they just make them bigger And I’m like, ‘No, a sequel should be smaller.’ You[...]

Doug Liman Leaves Justice League Dark

Doug Liman Leaves 'Justice League Dark'

According to Variety director Doug Liman has left Justice League Dark They are reporting that the decision was because of scheduling conflicts, with Liman attached to Lionsgate's Chaos Walking which just got a greenlight Sources, according to Variety, are already looking into replacements and should have someone lined up shortly though Warner Bros has no[...]

Doug Liman Didnt Connect With Gambit So He Left

Doug Liman "Didn't Connect" With 'Gambit' So He Left

Diretor Doug Liman is one of the several directors that has left the troubled Fox production and while talking to Collider about his new movie The Wall was asked about why he decided to leave Gambit“I never formed a connection Many of these movies, I don’t have the connection on day one, but I[...]

Report: Doug Liman Wasnt Feeling Channing Tatums Gambit

Report: Doug Liman "Wasn't Feeling" Channing Tatum's Gambit

In a revelation that we're doing our best to understand, director Doug Liman revealed why he walked away from directing Channing Tatum's Gambit movie last year With Liman set to direct Justice League Dark for DC, you might think that Liman jumping ship was a shifting of superhero cinematic universe loyalties, but, in fact, it[...]

Justice League Dark Will Be Intimate And Character Focused

'Justice League Dark' Will Be "Intimate" And "Character Focused"

Justice League Dark was in production with monster genius Guillermo del Toro for years but back in August of 2016 Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman There hasn't been much information about the project since then, including a definitive roster, but Cinema Blend sat down with Liman about his new movie The Wall and asked[...]

Doug Liman To Direct Children's Book Adaptation Railhead

Philip Reeve is the author who wrote the bestselling Mortal Engines YA novel series, a collection of books I've heard many people say has the potential to be one of those "next Hunger Games" type of franchises, but instead of that moving forward, Warner Bros (who hold the screen rights) have attached Doug Liman to[...]