Will Katy Perry Write A New Song For Wonder Woman TV Show?

A plot point in the pilot script for the Wonder Woman TV show, scooped, read and written about by m'colleague Brendon Connelly for Bleeding Cool, has Katy Perry performing a song "Super-Duper Me", inspired by Wonder Woman. It's on the songlist for the show.

We saved this from the original report, hoping for official comment. Sadly that comment was not forthcoming, so here it is anyway. It's an initial throwaway joke, that Katy Perry is singing and performing a song that rips off Wonder Woman.

But it has a payoff later.

But have there been any actual approaches to Katy Perry to perform such a number, let alone write one?

We called Katy Perry's agent last night who, despite telling us we'd have an answer in half an hour, didn't sadly get back to us.

Maybe they only just found out themselves…

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