The Seven Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now

Netflix has an overabundance of great horror films right now. While it is not quite October, many are already celebrating the spooky season and might be logging into the streamer looking for the perfect movie to send a chill down their spine. We are here to help. Here are our seven picks for what horror/thriller films we think you can press play on and expect to have a great time. Why seven? Because we said so, that's why.

Fear Street: New Trailer Promises A Bloody Good Time Next Month
Fear Street Poster. Credit Netflix

Horror Is One Of Netflix's Strongest Categories

Fear Street Trilogy

This set of three films that debuted over the summer might be a tad on the cliche side, but the cliches are done really well. Power through the first film set in 1994, and stay for the two excellent films, 1978 and 1666. Those two movies feature some really strong characters and plenty of brutality.

The Seven Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now
Cam. Credit Netflix


Madeline Brewer turns in a fantastic performance as a cam girl who logs in one day to see that her channel and account have been taken over by a woman who looks just like her. This is a trippy ride and is way more thrilling and entertaining than it should be. Netflix really scored with this one.

The Seven Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now
Hush Poster. Credit Blumhouse


Modern horror master Mike Flanagan gives us the seminal home invasion horror film of the last ten years. This film about a deaf woman being terrorized by a masked-up foe is both a terrifying and thrilling ride from beginning to end—a must-watch.

The Seven Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now
Sweetheart. Credit Blumhouse


Kiersey Clemmons stars in one of the better survival horror films to come out as of late. This one will knock the air out of you, as Jennifer is stranded on a remote island after her white privileged friend's boats sink. Naturally, there are monsters on the island, but this film is about so much more than that. Give it a watch for sure.

The Seven Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now
Gerald's Game Poster. Credit Netflix

Gerald's Game

Another Mike Flanagan film (sorry, not sorry), this adaptation of Stephen King's book is one of the best. Carla Gugino turns in an excellent performance as a woman bound to her bed after her husband dies during a sex game. What follows is disturbing, gross, and exhilarating times you can have watching a horror film at home on Netflix.

The Seven Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now
Sinister Poster. Credit Blumhouse


A staff favorite here at BC, Sinister follows true-crime writer Ellison Oswalt when he discovers a box of Super 8 videotapes depicting several brutal murders that took place in his new home. It turns out; the killings are not as straight forward as it seems. One of the best to feature found footage; this one will keep you up at night for a while.

The Seven Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now
Truth or Dare Poster. Credit Blumhouse

Truth or Dare (2018)

This one gets a bad wrap, but it is a really good time. Sure, the characters make really, really dumb choices, and the logic makes no sense, especially at the end, but dammit, it is fun and features some really cool death scenes. Go in with an open mind.

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