'Wonder Woman' Cast Responds To Internet Trolls

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Oh internet, why you so internet? Social media has given everyone a voice which means that the people who used to grumble to themselves have been given megaphones to yell into. Jimmy Kimmel does a segment where celevrities read mean tweets and the staff over at Bustle.com decided they wanted to do their own version of that. So they took the cast of Wonder Woman and read some of the criticism of the movie out loud to see get the casts reaction. Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Danny Huston, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, and director Patty Jenkins were all present for the comments and they handled them so well.


The cast responds in the best possible way; with laughter and pointing out how the comments are wrong. They don't get into name calling or anything like that. This is a cast that has handled themselves so well despite the fact that they very easily could have gotten very defensive. It's hard to hear criticism of something that you've put a lot of love and work into but these guys let it roll off their backs like it was nothing. They smile, they laugh, and they move on.

Well done

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