World War Z 2 Gets A Director, And It Is David Fincher

World War Z 2 has been pretty much a given since before the first film opened, but has been in development hell since its inception. No longer now. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paramont's Jim Gianopulos confirms what has been a rumor for quite some time.

What's the status of the World War Z sequel?

We're in advanced development.

With David Fincher directing?

Yes. And Brad Pitt.

So there you have it, one of the biggest director's out there, David Fincher, will be helming the World War Z sequel, with Brad Pitt coming back to star. The first film was plagued with issues during filming, and nobody expected the originals director Marc Forster back for the sequel, especially if Pitt was set to return as main hero Gerry Lane. The sequel was also taken off their release schedule a couple months back, as they had all kinds of problems getting it off the ground and into development. That will not be an issue now however, with a director as big in stature as Fincher. This will be a reunion for the the director and star, after both made names for themselves together with Fight Club and Seven. Also expect this to be the most gorgeous looking zombie/horror film you will ever see. The main draw of Fincher is his visual style, and seeing that mixed with hordes of the undead will no doubt be something to look forward to on cinema screens. Think about that scenes with them all climbing over the wall in the first one!

There is still no word on any kind of release date for the film, but I would expect they want to get this out sooner rather than later. Until then, we shall wait for more info, like who will star opposite Pitt, as it becomes available.

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