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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III Drops Zombies Season 2 Trailer
Activision and Sledgehammer Games revealed more of what's coming in Season 2 of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III with a new Zombies trailer Players will be getting an all-new mission that will take you into the heart of the outbreak, as you'll encounter the Dark Aether Rift, as well as a new battle warlord[...]
Call Of Duty: Mobile Sees Zombies Return For Season 9
Activision revealed new details this week for the next season of Call Of Duty: Mobile, as the team is bringing back Zombies for Season 9: Graveyard Shift This is just the Halloween update, if we're being truly honest here, as players will be getting some spooky, scary, and haunting additions to the mix Including an[...]
Encanto Review: This Is Going To Dum Up Some Complicated Feeling
This year's additions to the lineup will include Encanto, Zombies, and Zombies 2 They have also released the full schedule for the event, which you can find below "Over the last 25 years, our viewers have grown up with '31 Nights of Halloween' as a time-honored tradition to watch Halloween favorites and connect with their[...]
ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead Premieres on Crunchyroll Next Week
The zombie apocalypse descends on Japan! Surrounded by hordes of hungry zombies, Akira comes to a realization that will forever change his life… "Wait, does this mean I never have to go to work again?" Confess to… party like it's… travel Japan coast to… Now, with his nightmare job no longer, Akira's got his mojo[...]
Auto Draft
It follows the character Rhys as he realizes the life he's been living in a zombie-infested wasteland has been a lie, and instead of helping to find a cure for the virus he's been helping a mad man destroy lives — but after he captures a mysterious half-human half-zombie he may actually be able to save[...]
Teen Titans Go
So the origin of zombieness is a falling comet and they actually go to the shopping mall because they know from watching these films that's where zombies all hang out And Bleeding Cool has a first look inside those pages The creative team of Teen Titans Go Undead, writer Michael Northrop and artist Erich Owen[...]
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Sets A New Chapter In July
Activision released new information today about Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies as the latest chapter will be coming out On July 15th, the next chapter of the Dark Aether story will be told as it now has expanded with an old enemy overtaking a divided city This story slowly counts down to[...]
Swarm The City Demo By SuperIndie Games Coming To Steam June 16th
Independent game publisher SuperIndie Games and developer Seasun Games have announced that their upcoming zombie-horror simulation/strategy game Swarm the City is receiving a demo over Steam on June 16th! In this game, you control a mob of rapidly evolving zombies to the ends of infecting the entirety of the human race Sounds like a helluva[...]
The Bite Features a Shaggy Dog Zombie Apocalypse in Lockdown
Then Rachel witnesses her patients getting bitten and turning into zombies. "The Bite" key graphic, Spectrum Originals One of Lily's clients turns into a zombie, and she's trapped in her apartment with him Rachel tries to work with her husband Zach (a wonderfully deadpan Steven Pasquale), stuck at the CDC in Washington D.C with the scientist he[...]
Black Summer Season 2: Netflix Series Releases Trailer, Preview Images
Where The Walking Dead and its spinoffs have been sombre meditations on ethics, morality and conscience, Z Nation spent 5 seasons being gleefully snarky and pulp with wisecracking heroes, creative weapons and ways to kill zombies and a growing number of Science Fiction tropes It also used a light hand in laying out political and[...]
Zombies 3 Adds Three To Cast Of Disney Franchise
Zombies 3 is coming, and today three new members of the cast were revealed Matt Cornett (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series), Kyra Tantao (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit), and newcomer Terry Hu will join the returning Chandler Kinney (Willa), Pearce Joza (Wyatt), and Ariel Martin (Wynter) as the werewolves; Trevor Tordjman as[...]
The Walking Dead's Charlie Adlard Draws Zombie PSA for Covid-19
The Walking Dead comic may have ended its run, but artist Charlie Adlard isn't quite done with zombies just yet Adlard, who hails from Shrewsbury, has worked with Shropshire Council to create public health messages featuring drawings of zombies to remind people to distance themselves from each other, and wash their hands, and get a[...]
King of Eden: Yen Press Announces Horror Manga by Urusawa's Co-Writer
Someone will always burst in with a gun, or more zombies will pop up to initiate another action set piece It's the type of pulp writing 101 that Nagasaki is an expert at by now It's not exactly groundbreaking, but it's fun and has enough hooks to keep the reader coming back. King of Eden[...]
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Releases A New Zombies Trailer
It's a new era for Zombies as Treyarch shows off what they have become in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War As if the prospect of having zombies in the game isn't already terrifying and awesome unto itself, the new version of these looks both fantastic and horrifying Because you know what we hadn't[...]
Inkblot #1 Review:
Continuing from 2019's Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1 one-shot, Johnson is now delivering a full miniseries with the title with artist Leonard Kirk, colorist Rachelle Rosenberg, and letter VC's Travis Lanham. Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1 Credit: Marvel Anyone who read the original Marvel Zombies comics by Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips with covers by everyone's favorite exhibitor Arthur Syudam will remember a series[...]
The Walking Dead Ezekiel Protects The Kingdom with Threezero
He will come with a variety of accessories with a machine gun, a Shikomizue with a removable sword, and pistol for stopping zombies and rivals The Walking Dead character will have some interchangeable pieces with hands and a removable jacket. This is one figure The Walking Dead fans will want on their collection The high amounts[...]