Former WWE Superstar Grandmaster Sexay Badly Beaten in Hotel Room Brawl with Chase Stevens

Attitude Era superstar and former WWE Tag Team Champion Grandmaster Sexay was reportedly beaten badly in a hotel room brawl with former Impact Wrestling star Chase Stevens in February, a story that took a month to make its way to the dirt sheet news cycle via Pro Wrestling Sheet. Stevens was reportedly arrested for assault as a result of the incident, which left Grandmaster Sexay with injuries to his moneymaker — his face — including "swelling all over, an approximate 2-inch laceration to his right brow, orbital eye socket discoloration to both eyes, bleeding from the nose, abrasions and noticeable front tooth dental injuries."

The two wrestlers were sharing the hotel room when the incident occurred, though the exact reason for the fight is unclear and both wrestlers reportedly have a different story. Regardless, Stevens was arrested, and Grandmaster Sexay, who is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler, briefly launched a Go Fund Me through his manager to raise money for medical bills.

Stevens was eventually released from jail, and Grandmaster Sexay, who was hospitalized after the fight, was released a few days later. It's unknown whether the wrestlers have resumed their friendship.

Of course, the biggest quesion on everyone's minds remains unanswered by the report: where was Grandmaster Sexay's long time tag team partner, Scotty Too Hotty, while this assault was taking place, and why didn't Scotty come to Grandmaster Sexay's rescue?! We'll let you know if any information on that turns up.

WWE wrestlers Grandmaster Sexay and partner Scotty Too Hotty
Grandmaster Sexay (left) and partner Scotty Too Hotty (right)

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