Betty and Veronica Shades for the Sun-Bound Archie/Riverdale Fan

Betty and Veronica are fashion icons. For decades they have followed in some of America's most fashion forward trends, and they always look fabulous no matter what they wear. has translated these fashions for the real world, and they've included sunglasses in their lineup as well.

Based on the characters Sabrina, Cheryl, Nancy, and Ethel, these glasses are a throwback to the golden and silver age of comics (okay, Cheryl was a bronze age character, but we can let her have a pass too), and damn do they look amazing.

Wanna see the other stunning shades they carry? Head on over to their website, and be sure to use promo code "BMORELAUREN" to save a bit of cash. Don't worry, we won't tell Veronica you got a deal on some killer shades.

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