The New Clips From Wonder Woman Shown At WonderCon With Geoff Johns And Patty Jenkins, Described In Full

Wonder Woman BannerMathew Quitney writes,

At the Wonder Woman panel at Wondercon yesterday with the movie's director Patty Jenkins and DC President Geoff Johns, they showed a new teaser trailer and two clips. The teaser shows a bit more from what we've already seen, expanding on Chris Pines' Steve Trevor washing up on the shores of Themyscira. Gal Gadot as Diana, astonished at his appearance, asks, "You're a man?". He responds, "Don't I look like one?".

A particularly nice moment in this trailer has Diana smiling at her bracers after using them for the first time.

Patty Jenkins was asked, why an origin story?

"The fact that nobody had gotten to make her origin story… hers is beautiful and wonderful and deserved to be told." The film is a journey for her to become the person that she wants to be.

Geoff Johns reiterated that the essence of DC is heart, humor, and heroics. He discussed how Diana embodied all of those and more. He then mentioned that Patty was very specific in the training scenes that Diana should have, asking her why she felt that was so important.

Patty: "Diana is a special character, she has special powers and she's obviously given all of those things but also she wants to be a hero and that kind of training is integral to her learning the skills she needs to not just be a super powered person but to be somebody who knows and understands what it is to fight and how it is to fight and what the rules of fighting are.

The…honor, restraints, and discipline of being a trained fighter."

Patty Jenkins discussed how the film is strongly influenced by works such as Superman 1, Indiana Jones, and Casablanca. She wanted it to be a grand action adventure, but also to have the emotional heart.

Patty Jenkins then discussed the essence of the character: "She's not the only character who has a strong moral compass and a belief system, but what I like about her is that is her mission. Her mission is a belief in mankind and what they can be. There are a lot of superheroes who are chosen and find themselves in these positions or normal people who find themselves in these positions or want to stop crime or save people or things. She's one of the very few who believes in goodness and kindness and justice and love."

Clip #1

Geoff Johns set up the clip by saying that its one of his favorite parts of the film. Geoff and Patty share a love of Richard Donner's Superman film and they wanted this to be her fish out of water in Man's world scene.

It's one of the first encounters that she and Steve have together. They're walking through crowded streets and Steve looks uneasy. He leads Diana along, noticing the string of suspicious looking people littering the street. They veer off into an alley, waiting for someone to come around the corner.

A gun slides into frame from beside them, a fun visual that really felt like something out of an Indiana Jones film. Steve fights off one of them but they are surrounded. One of the men fires and Diana blocks it with her bracer. The crumpled bullet falls into Steve's hand.

This is the moment where Steve sees that she can handle herself and lets her save the day.

She's been telling him up to this point that its no problem for her, and this is the first time he sees that she wasn't kidding. Diana finished the clip by using the Lasso of Truth on a fleeing bad guy.

Clip #2

Geoff Johns set up the clip by describing it as a scene that makes me want to get out of her way or follow her. It shows that she's the greatest fighter in the DC universe.

The scene has Diana moving through different buildings taking out soldiers and clearing the way for her team. It's her first time facing a large group of attackers and as Geoff Johns pointed out, she only uses her sword as a defensive tool. There was quite a bit of slo-mo throughout the fight scenes, but the action flowed well. The Wonder Woman theme from Batman V Superman was used liberally throughout the battle.

Patty and Geoff discussed how the action was approached from a character perspective, so it's all from Diana's point of view. There's no action for action's sake. It's what she's seeing on her journey and how it affects her.

It all fell organically together.

"I want to make great films in my lifetime, and I really want to make a great Wonder Woman film."

Unfortunately, Patty Jenkins time was cut short and we were only able to ask her one question.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for young girls facing the world that we live in today?

A: Don't limit or change yourself, or the belief in who you could be in any way. Just expand. Believe in a better version of who you already are, rather than a different version or a tougher version or a harder version or a less caring about what you look like version. That's all fine. You can do all those things. You can want to be beautiful, you can not want to be beautiful. You can be strong, not be strong. It's all possible. And so I think that's what I love about Wonder Woman. She seems so loving and embracing, that I really feel like I've seen every kind of person put on the Wonder Woman costume and feel like they were at home there.

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