Visiting Amazicon 2019; The Intimate Con That Could Plus Cosplay Pictures

With convention season winding down in the US, I ventured up to Essington, PA, for one more show, Amazicon. This year's guests included Ann Robinson from War of the Worlds, Wesley Eure, Kathy Coleman, and Phil Paley of Land of the Lost, and more. For the seventh year in a row, this intimate convention appealed to guests of all ages. The cosplay was fun and eclectic, with people of all ages getting in character. One of the unique features of this con is the Saturday night after-party, which is open to all Amazicon attendees. Most convention after-parties require an additional ticket, but showrunner Mike Creager wants everyone to join in.

Visiting Amazicon 2019; The Intimate Con That Could Plus Cosplay Pictures

Amazicon also does a good job treating their dealers like guests in their own rights. Mike and his staff go out of their way to make every dealer feel welcome and wanted, something you don't see too often! There was also a unique selection of dealers, with nothing being too much of something. My only suggestion would be to find a different hotel. The layout of the convention was fine, but having everything by the main entrance to the hotel made things just a smidgen too cold. The rooms themselves were rather underwhelming, but I can't hold that against the convention. Would I go back to Amazicon? Absolutely. I enjoyed the family-friendly atmosphere, and the very approachable and friendly staffers. Now, if only more conventions could adopt that approach!

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