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Star Wars Has Its Indiana Jones Now It Gets A Sherlock Holmes

Star Wars Has Its Indiana Jones, Now It Gets A Sherlock Holmes

Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca already introduced Aphra, the Indiana Jones of the Star Wars Universe, working for Darth Vader into their titular villain book. And a superhero team. Well, in today's issue of Darth Vader, it's time for a new archetype. Sherlock Holmes. In the form of Inspector Thanoth. Yeah, he won't last long. […]

SDCC 15: The Return Of Invader Zim From Oni Press Panel

SDCC '15: The 'Return Of Invader Zim From Oni Press' Panel

by Mike Sangregorio Saturday at Comic Con was the Return of Invader Zim panel by Oni Press, publisher of the new comic series, the first issue of which shipped July 8 and is available now. The room was packed, with people standing towards the sides, as all in attendance eagerly awaited new information on everyone's […]

Before Squarriors Ashley Witter Created Scorch&#8230

Before Squarriors, Ashley Witter Created Scorch…

Ashley Witter has become one of the brightest new stars on the comic book firmament, with her detailed painted work on Squarriors, now for Devil's Due/1First Comics.But she didn't come to the comic fully formed Before the gorgeous drop dead work on Squarriors, in 2007 she put out a webcomic called Scorch And Scorch is now being kickstarted[...]

Bob Howard Could Be My Favourite New Devils Due/1First Comics Title

Bob Howard Could Be My Favourite New Devil's Due/1First Comics Title

We talked about the new Devil's Due/1First Comics publisher yesterday, as well as a look at their new books Well here's another. Rafael Nieves and Dan Dougherty have a new horror comic, with an introduction from Brian Azzarello to help it along.Bob Howard, Plumber Of The Unknown.Now that really is a Buffy-type title[...]

The Four Norseman A New Graphic Novel From Devils Due/1First Comics

The Four Norseman, A New Graphic Novel From Devil's Due/1First Comics

We told you about some of Devils's Due/1First Comics plans for September yesterday But there are more months than just September.. such as an upcoming original graphic novel Four Norseman by Matthew Sturges and John Lucas...About war About sex And about - and narrated by - God.Take it away big guy...[...]