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Peter David And X-Factor Travel To 2009
I never, EVER, allow someone's stated opinions to impact on whether I support his work so long as those opinions don't transform the work itself into something that I have no desire to support. The dust settled, people moved on with their lives and Shadow Complex has all but been largely forgotten since its 2009 release,[...]
Fifty Trades Of Gray – The Top Selling Graphic Novels Of June 2012
And Fatale, written by Ed Brubaker outselling the first New52 collection of the Catwoman collection he used to write, may do similar… But it's Marvel's lack of play, with nothing in the top ten, and beaten by two Dynamite books, that really sticks out…  1. WALKING DEAD TP VOL 16 A LARGER WORLD (MR) $14.99 IMAGE COMICS  2. LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN:[...]
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009: The Bleeding Cool Review
But The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 2009 is so much more… and for those who feel media coverage has spoiled this book at all, I disagree completely I'd read everything, yet going in I found acres of surprise – and an amazing, wonderful and awe inspiring finale Which I am most definitely not going[...]
More From That League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Review
And so it was with Laura Sneddon's first review of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 2009 that caused quite the commotion Here is an expanded and extended section of that review, courtesy of Sneddon, placing the writer, the book, and the characters within a greater context. Alan Moore is perhaps the greatest comic writer of[...]
A New Image From League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009 – And A Signing
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009 is coming. You can read a preview of the comic here.. although the image above is new Which appears to show Prospero reaching out to Orlando from his red/blue glasses 3D Blazing World, with Hyde and Peter Pan, as seen in The Black Dossier. And you can get both the newly-distributed-in-the-UK[...]
Preview: League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009
Here are some early looks at the upcoming League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 2009 by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill to be published in June I've tried to summon my inner Jess Nevins… do feel free to join in. A rusted ruined Martain ship from the Martian invasion of Earth, in LOEG II The Treens Out[...]
San Diego Dreaming: How Much????
This seems to be the new way to make a little money. Buy a four day pass to SanDiego for under $100. Sit on it for a month. Then, after it's been sold