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Avatar, Boom, Dynamite And IDW Solicitations For November 2012
The top-rated Cartoon Network show now has its own comic book! Don't miss the first collected volume of this critically acclaimed "all-ages classic" that has fans and critics alike calling it "the best new comic of 2012"! ADVENTURE TIME #10 (A) ADVENTURE TIME #10 (B) Written by Ryan North, Shane Houghton and Chris Houghton Drawn by Shelli Paroline, Braden[...]
Fasten Seatbelts For 2012 Wizard World Chicago
I'm afraid that we are running into some rough patches on this trip through the 2012 Wizard World Chicago convention Absolutely nothing to be concerned about However, please observe we have turned on the "Fasten Seatbelts" sign We request that you remain seated until the turbulence is over Thank you for your cooperation. SOMEDAY, SOMEWAY —[...]
Celebrating The Career Of Paul Ryan. In Comics.
Yesterday, it was announced that Mitt Romney had chosen US Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate for the 2012 Presidential Elections for the United States Of America. Which instantly destroyed any chance of Paul Ryan, comic book artist, for being found on Google This is an attempt to try and right that wrong, even[...]
London Late On The Big Money Olympics
It has been a very controlled media circus, whether that be Mastercard being banned, BBC cameras being turned to avoid shopping centre advertising or an East End kebab shop having to change its name from Olympic Kebabs to Lympic Kebabs. But this little beauty, parodying the London free press, got ten thousand copies distributed around the[...]
San Diego Dreaming For 2013
The question that I must ask myself though is not what will I do if I don't get tickets for next year (or go as press), but instead ask whether I should still plan to go next year and not even bother with going to San Diego Comic Con 2013? SDCC 2012 was my 10th Con[...]
Eating Breakfast With The Walking Dead
     Chris Thompson attended San Diego Comic Con for Bleeding Cool; When The Walking Dead shambles its way back on to TV screens later this year, the
Killing God With Matt Pizzolo
Louie Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool; You're probably aware of Halo-8 without even knowing it. If you've picked up the Grant Morrison: Talking With
Ten For Ten From Aspen In 2013
Next year is Aspen's tenth anniversary. As a result, from February, they are planning to launch five new books and relaunch five books, Ten For Ten, once
The Little Guys Of Comic Con
Will Romine wrote for Bleeding Cool from San Diego Comic Con; Now that the initial hubbub of Comic Con footage and breaking news has died down, I thought
Let's Put All The Marvel October 2012 Solicitations Together In One Place
36 PGS./AGES 3 – 6/$4.99 TRIM: 8 X 10.8125 in. MUPPETS #4 (OF 4) Written by ROGER LANGRIDGE ART by ROGER LANGRIDGE COLOR BY KAWAII CREATIVE STUDIO Cover by ELISABETTA MELARANCI (A) & GIANLUCA BARONE (C) The four-part Muppet Show story "The Four Seasons" – for the first time in print • It's time for the holidays at the Muppet Theatre, and everyone[...]
San Diego Comic Con Gets Jesse Jamesed
I charged the floor at San Diego Con for the first time as a 12 year old boy in 1982.  I had a clear head and no idea what to do or who was who.  That was
A Stuttering Start To Joe's Comics
Steve Robles wrote for Bleeding Cool from San Diego Comic Con As his very self-congratulatory promo video reminds me, J. Michael Straczinsky is a very