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2012 Hits 4K Blu-ray January 19th, Features List Released
2012, the silly disaster film by Roland Emmerich, will hit 4K Blu-ray on January 19th Starring John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, and Woody Harrelson slumming it, this film is admittedly silly, dumb fun that will look incredible on 4k Actually, this is one release that quite a few people have been looking[...]
L-R: Josh Gad at the world premiere of "Ralph Breaks The Internet" at the El Capitan Theatre. Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com | Patrick Wilson at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival - The Conjuring 2 Premiere at TCL Chinese Theater IMAX on June 7, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA. Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com | Halle Berry at "The Call" World Premiere, Arclight, Hollywood, CA 03-05-13. Editorial credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
This will be the fifth time Emmrich has attempted to end the world, following two Independence Day films, 2012, and The Day After Tomorrow Lionsgate will distribute the film, after working with the filmmaker on his World War 2 film Midway Lionsgate is looking at releasing Moonfall in 2021, even though the dance card is[...]
Top 100 Comics For December 2012
And Dark Horse get two in the top hundred as well, with Buffy and Hellboy. TOP 100 COMIC BOOKS Based on Total Unit Sales of Products Invoiced in December 2012 QTY RANK DOLLAR RANK INDEX DESCRIPTION PRICE VENDOR 1 1 132.59 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700 $7.99 MAR 2 2 123.37 AVENGERS #1 $3.99 MAR 3 3 100.00 BATMAN #15 $3.99 DC 4 4 75.92 JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 $3.99 DC 5 5 70.20 DETECTIVE COMICS #15 $3.99 DC 6 6 61.95 AVENGERS #2 $3.99 MAR 7 8 59.60 CABLE AND X-FORCE #1 $3.99 MAR 8 11 59.30 BATMAN AND ROBIN #15 $2.99 DC 9 7 55.29 ALL NEW X-MEN #3 $3.99 MAR 10 16 55.02 THUNDERBOLTS #1 $2.99 MAR 11 9 53.22 ALL NEW X-MEN #4 $3.99 MAR 12 13 50.11 AQUAMAN #15 $2.99 DC 13 17 49.71 BATGIRL #15 $2.99 DC 14 10 49.42 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #699 $3.99 MAR 15 20 49.09 NIGHTWING #15 $2.99 DC 16 19 49.06 GREEN[...]
Image Takes Marketshare From Marvel And DC In December 2012
Our impromptu Top Forty-Seven comic sellers chart for December 2012 seems to have been bang on the money, at least for the top ten We'll be able to check the rest later. Both December and November were four week months, but December's skip week with only a handful of new titles available on Boxing Day may[...]
Top 100 Manga Sales In US Comic Shops In 2012
Here's a look at the charts for 2012 for comics defined as "manga" sold in comic stores and distrubuted in North America by Diamond Comic Distributors. The charts are dominated by Sailor Moon and Naruto, for the top thirteen spots, aside from the third volume of Empowered, the manga nature of which will no doubt be[...]
The Top Fifty Toys And Top Fifty Games Sold In Comic Stores In 2012
Here's a look at the charts for 2012 for toys and games sold in comic stores and distrubuted in North America by Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Games. Naturally Marvel and DC superhero action figures to the toys list, with video game spin-off figures nudging their way in For once, Walking Dead doesn't get a look[...]
Patrick Dane's Top 5 Films of 2012
Many could argue that rereleases should not be on an 'End of Year' list, but 2012 saw a ton of films we back in the cinema – and many of them had been altered in some way or another Raiders of the Lost Arc, Gremlins, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (remember that?), Lawrence[...]
Lying In The Gutters – A 2012 Special
Cosplay Round-Up: Toronto Fan Expo 2012 10 Best Camera Test Ever – But Canon Didn't Think It Was Funny 11 Video: Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Once More With Feeling Was Performed Live Last Night 12 David Tennant Back For Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary? 13 51 Films From 2010 That You Really Shouldn't Have Missed 14 There's No Such[...]
Top Of The Irish Comics, 2012
Colin O' Mahoney writes; These are my top three picks for Irish comics in 2012 I have picked these to give those not blessed with ease of access to Ireland's fair green hills and fine black porter a chance to make up for this by reading our comics As such, I have only considered work available[...]
The Best Of 2012, And The Worst – Sunday Trending Topics
It's time for all those best of 2012 lists, so that means you have to tell us what you think Whole lot of polling goin' on here Hit the Rumour Awards tag to vote on all of them. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Most Disappointing (In A Bad Way) Comic For 2012 – Nominations  You know how it goes.You[...]
Maddest Moment Of 2012 – Nominees
All sorts of things happen in the comics industry. Most of them seem to make some kind of sense at the time. But not everything... here's a look back at