Top 100 Comics For December 2012

Well we were close with our impromptu Top 42 for December last week. Apparently we shouldn't have counted Before Watchmen Comedian or  But basically it is as it was last week… but do notice Boom's first entry with their own original comics into the top 100 with Deathmatch, Image's bedding down Walking Dead in the […]

Image Takes Marketshare From Marvel And DC In December 2012

Our impromptu Top Forty-Seven comic sellers chart for December 2012 seems to have been bang on the money, at least for the top ten. We'll be able to check the rest later. Both December and November were four week months, but December's skip week with only a handful of new titles available on Boxing Day […]

Top 100 Manga Sales In US Comic Shops In 2012

Here's a look at the charts for 2012 for comics defined as "manga" sold in comic stores and distrubuted in North America by Diamond Comic Distributors. The charts are dominated by Sailor Moon and Naruto, for the top thirteen spots, aside from the third volume of Empowered, the manga nature of which will no doubt […]

The Top Fifty Toys And Top Fifty Games Sold In Comic Stores In 2012

Here's a look at the charts for 2012 for toys and games sold in comic stores and distrubuted in North America by Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Games. Naturally Marvel and DC superhero action figures to the toys list, with video game spin-off figures nudging their way in. For once, Walking Dead doesn't get a […]

Lying In The Gutters – A 2012 Special

Here are the top twenty traffic posts of the year on Bleeding Cool… you can see the influence of Google here more, and the popularity of films over a longer period on the site, rather than the quick hit of comic book traffic. The perfect storm of course is when they cross over… 1. "Mewling […]

Top Of The Irish Comics, 2012

Colin O' Mahoney writes; These are my top three picks for Irish comics in 2012. I have picked these to give those not blessed with ease of access to Ireland's fair green hills and fine black porter a chance to make up for this by reading our comics. As such, I have only considered work […]

The Best Of 2012, And The Worst – Sunday Trending Topics

It's time for all those best of 2012 lists, so that means you have to tell us what you think. Whole lot of polling goin' on here. Hit the Rumour Awards tag to vote on all of them. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Most Disappointing (In A Bad Way) Comic For 2012 – Nominations  You know […]

Bleeding Cool Scoop Of The Year 2012 – Nominees

Now it's time for the most self-serving, own-trumpet-blowing, back-patting vote of all. So I thought I'd let you all do it for me. And yes I know we got plenty wrong as well. There will be a separate vote for that…   [polldaddy poll=6772659]

Maddest Moment Of 2012 – Nominees

All sorts of things happen in the comics industry. Most of them seem to make some kind of sense at the time. But not everything… here's a look back at some of the madder moments, and your opportunity to vote for your maddest. [polldaddy poll=6772681]

Most Disappointing (In A Bad Way) Comic For 2012 – Nominations

You know how it goes.You build up hope, belief, longing, desire, for a comic book series to succeed, to be wonderful, to blow your mind. And then it just kinda sits there. Meh. It's not a bad comic, but you built it up to be so much better. So you have nothing left to do […]

Most Surprising (In A Good Way) Comic Of 2012 – Nominations

What a lot of lovely comics we've had so far. Some, we knew were going to be fantastic. The new Grandville from Bryan Talbot, Chris Ware's Building Stories, Journey Into Mystery, Batman. But what about the comics you weren't convinced would be that good but totally surprised you. You know, in a good way? Nominees […]