2018 oscars nominations

Jimmy Kimmel Seeks Professional Help in ABC Oscars Promo

Jimmy Kimmel Seeks "Professional" Help in ABC Oscars Promo

So you're hosting the 89th Academy Awards – which also just so happens to be your first time ever hosting the Oscars – and everything's going great. Until it's not. And when it's not, it's really not. We're talking historic "announcing wrong film for Best Picture" not. Something like that might be a little tough […]

Ladies And Gentlemen The 2018 Oscars Nominees List

Ladies And Gentlemen, The 2018 Oscars Nominees List

We've been talking a lot this year about the various awards shows, and it's finally time to reveal the list of Academy Awards nominees for this year's Oscars. Films and movies are at their core, a special way to preserve and present an idea and story. There have been some pretty incredible performances over the […]

The 90th Oscars Nominations Happen Tomorrow Morning Heres How to Watch/Listen

The 90th Oscars Nominations Happen Tomorrow Morning; Here's How to Watch/Listen

The Academy Awards, which present the Oscars, are arguably the biggest night of awards season in the world. Celebrating the absolute pinnacle of filmmaking, performance, and production, the 90th edition of the event will announce their nominees for the year tomorrow morning. To watch the presentation of the reading of the nominees, you have a […]