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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Batman And Superman #52 Switch Out Artists And More
Including some of the biggest titles… Action Comics #52 was solicited with art by Fernando Pasarin, but now features art by Scot Eaton and Dale Eaglesham. Batman #52 was solicited with art by Rafael Albuquerque but now features art by Riley Rossmo. Gotham Academy #17 was solicited as written by Brenden Fletcher, Faith Erin Hicks, Michael Dialynas and David Peterson but dropped Hicks. It[...]
Swipe File: Bravest Warriors And 52
On the left, Malachi Ward's cover to Bravest Warriors #2 on the left, JG Jones cover to 52 #46 on the right. In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox We trust you, the reader,[...]
One Shots At The New DCU
Don't call them Point Ones. Or Flashpoint Ones. But I understand that DC is planning a number of books, ancillary one shots if you will, intended to plug
Tuesday Comics Reviews: Stormwatch, Batgirl, Batwing, Animal Man, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Men Of War, Swamp Thing, JLI, Green Arrow, OMAC, Hawk & Dove, Static Shock
The only shop in London to bite the bullet, selling DC's thirteen New 52 titles at midnight There were doughnuts And Tony Lee They've also done a review podcast which should be up around now… So, what do we have? Stormwatch #1 by Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda. Possibly the most disappointing of the first week of titles[...]
The New Wonder Woman Is Not A Superhero Comic, It's A Horror Comic
It's a horror book." The DC New 52 writer also talked to the newspaper about his work on Spaceman, how he plans to establish the Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman trinity during his run on Wonder Woman… and about how, no, she isn't wearing any pants But I think it's the horror quote that was the most intriguing. "I'll tell[...]
Mr Terrific Has Its Third Solicited Art Team In Three Issues
And issue three has been solicited as being drawn by Scott Clark and Dave Beaty. Other changes in November officially see Astro City's Brent Anderson joining Rags Morales on Action Comics #3, Victor Ibanez inking Yanick Paquette on Swamp Thing #3, Geraldo Borges replacing Fernando Pasarin on Green Lantern Corps #3, Hendry Prasetya is now inking[...]
Where To Score The Best Deals On DC's New 52?
There are those of you who have viewed the DC New 52 books with envy and suspicion Which will be the break out books? Which will sell lot hot cakes and which will be left unmourned and unloved on ths shelves Which is Anatomy Lesson, which is Rise Of Arsenal? And how much will it[...]