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'68 Rule Of War Covers Revealed
The other hit Zombie comic from Image Comics, '68 will start a new mini-series  this April written by Mark Kidwell, art by Jeff Zornow and colors by Jay Fotos '68: Rule Of War will be the fourth mini-series for the title to go along with a few one-shots The most recent release was '68: Hollowed[...]
'68, Vietnam And Jane Fonda
The creators of the Image war zombie comic, '68, end each issue with specific tales and facts about the time the comic is set They've just added a new one to Facebook; This is interesting If your familiar with our first '68 series (Better Run Through the Jungle) we based a character named "Fawn Landers" off[...]
Today's Top Four Gross Out Scenes From Image Comics
Based on this scene, they may have got a point.   Did you just shudder? Strangely the first issue of '68: Scars has even more gross out scenes, but in the concept of a Vietnam zombie story that brings the infection back home to America (possibly my favourite zombie allegory of all), it's just not as disturning. But[...]
Speculation Corner: '68
The Image zombie Vietnam comic '68 is proving a popular hit series right now, with sales outstripping demand and pushing the sale price of the standard cover first issue to $12, with variant covers naturally selling for more. But, of course, this isn't really the first issue of '68, the team published a one shot back[...]
Will '68 Be The Next Walking Dead?
In 2006, Image published the oneshot, '68, a zombie tale set during the Vietnam War in the same year that Night Of The Living Dead was released. Five years later it's coming back as a mini-series, by original team Mark Kidwell, Nat Jones and Jay Fotos, with Tim Vigil and more spinoffs to follow. What with The[...]