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The Will Eisner 75th Anniversary Exhibit Showcases The Comics Great
Coordinated in conjunction with the "WinC" Collective NYC International's Women in Comics NYC convention on Saturday, The Will Eisner 75th Anniversary Exhibit (in residence at the Poe Park Visiting Center Gallery in Bronx, NYC) hosted an off-site art workshop, Drawing Sequential Art, where Felix demonstrated some of Eisner's sequential storytelling techniques with a hands-on presentation. The[...]
Our First Look At The New Young Steve Rogers, For Captain America's 75th Anniversary
Captain America: Sam Wilson #7 out this month is an 80 page 75th anniversary comic book for Captain America… with the finale to Avengers Standoff by Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna… featuring a rejuvenated Steve Rogers again Transformed by the sentient cosmic cube Kobik? Since World War II, someone has always been there to don the red, white[...]
Cover Variance: Marvel's Classic, Civil War, Women Of Power And 75th Anniversary Cover Credits
Talking of which, here's his previously mentioned Classic cover for Power Man & Iron Fist #1. And here;s Pat Broderick's for Uncanny Inhumans #5. There is also a line of Civil War cover variants Doctor Strange #7 will have a Civil War variant by Chris Stevens Spider-Man #3 will have a Civil War variant by Mike Perkins There's more Women Of Power announcements too. Guardians[...]
All The Congratulatory Ads For Marvel In The 75th Anniversary Magazine
From the BBDO Diversity Council of New York City to Charles Atlas  to IDW to Comixology to the Stan Lee Foundation, all sorts of entertaining deals must have been done to have these many specially created ads in the free Marvel 75th Anniversary Magazine from so many Marvel licensees celebrating 75 years of publishing Marvel[...]
Choose Your Own Marvel Adventure – Help Build Marvel's 75th Anniversary Omnibus
  In November Marvel Comics will be releasing it's Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus – a 1200 page book featuring stories chosen by the fans. Marvel is asking for their fans to choose what they think are the best stories from their 75 year publishing history Everything is open from 1939's Marvel Comics #1 to the books hitting[...]