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Landry Walker's Writer’s Commentary: A Clash Of Kings Vol 2 #4
Landry Walker has a Writer's Commentary for A Clash Of Kings Vol 2 #4, on sale now from Dynamite, He writes, Hi people! I hope all is well for everyone reading this and that you are staying healthy and safe We're back with another look at the adaptation process of GRRM's A Clash of Kings. Landry Walker's[...]
Still Not "Winds of Winter": "A Clash of Kings" Getting Anniversary Edition
Martin is releasing yet-another-still-not-Winds-Of-Winter book next year. This time, it'll be a new edition of the sequel to "Game Of Thrones", "A Clash of Kings" for the 20th anniversary of the novel's publishing. GRRM and co did this for the first novel's 20th anniversary in 2016, with a beautiful illustrated edition of the saga of Westeros[...]
Landry Walker's Writer's Commentary on A Clash of Kings #12 from Dynamite
Landry 'White' Walker's writer's commentary on A Clash of Kings #12, from Dynamite, part of their A Song of Fire and Ice comic book adaptation. PAGE 1: So here we are, taking a look at issue 12 of Clash of Kings I wish we had an establishing shot here But sometimes, particularly with an adaptation like this,[...]
Writer's Commentary: Landry Q. Walker Talks A Clash of Kings #10
Martin's A Clash of Kings #10 Mel Rubi did the interiors and one cover while Mike Miller did the other. Pages 1-3: We once again showcase a scene where Tyrion sits and talks with someone In comics, we usually avoid weighing so heavily with this sort of "talking heads" material However, not only is it essential[...]
A Clash of Kings #9 cover
Martin's A Clash of Kings #9, which is on sale now It has a cover by Mike Miller and interiors by Mel Rubi. PAGE 1: It's hard to believe how fast this book is created We are at a point in comics where I think fans largely take for granted the amount of work that the artists build into[...]
Writer's Commentary: Landry Walker Talks A Clash of Kings #7
Martin's A Clash of Kings #7 Covers by Mike Miller and Mel Rubi, who is also doing the interiors. PAGE 1: I should have sent a note asking for the last balloon on this one to be divided The bit where the old Bear is talking about his father and then switching gears to the command to retrieve[...]