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Crunchyroll-Hime Sweet 116th Birthday Party Livestream is This weekend
Crunchyroll-Hime has been a major part of the V-Tuber scene for years now and will be joined by other anime-oriented V-Tubers on her birthday livestream on June 6th. Friends of Hime who will be stopping by the stream include: creators/streamers DefinedByKy & BlackKrystel, who are regularly seen on Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter; NIJISANJI EN Vtubers Pomu Rainpuff,[...]
Rooster Teeth & Achievement Hunter Reveal Hardcore Mini Golf
The folks at Rooster Teeth have a new show coming to you from Achievement Hunter as the crew will be playing Hardcore Mini Golf If you're looking to see what would happen if someone took your shenanigans on a put-put course seriously and decided to film it for a competition, this is your show! While[...]