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Writer's Commentary – Ben Fisher On The End Of The Great Divide
Adam Markiewicz and I wrote a soundtrack for The Great Divideway back when this all began — it had sort of an ambient synth feel with a clear John Carpenter influence (you can find it on iTunes, Spotify, and all the usual places, and its also available for free here: ) Go ahead and[...]
Writer's Commentary – Ben Fisher On The Great Divide #5
Dynamite has sent us a Writer's Commentary by Ben Fisher for The Great Divide #5. Cover and interiors by Adam Markiewicz. Page 1 We've tried to end every issue of The Great Divide on a cliffhanger, and the Issue 4 ending was a doozy, with Paul being touched by a number of "vessels."  So this was a fun reveal —[...]
Ben Fisher Talks The Conclusion Of The Great Divide
Covers by series artist Adam Markiewicz. BYRON BREWER: Ben, this miniseries has been such a personal project for you as a writer As the conclusion nears in February, did you tell the story you wanted to tell? BEN FISHER: We absolutely did, and I'm grateful to Dynamite for letting us tell such an unconventional story in our[...]
"I've Never Had More Fun Writing A Comic" – Ben Fisher On The Great Divide
Ben Fisher talks to Byron Brewer about the penultimate issue of The Great Divide, on sale in January from Dynamite. Covers by Adam Markiewicz and Javi Laparra. BYRON BREWER: Ben, you have got to be loving the reception this book is getting, from regular comics fans to sci-fi nerds! BEN FISHER: We're continuously amazed and grateful for all the support[...]
"We Took A Lot Of Chances With This Book." – Ben Fisher Talks The Great Divide
Ben Fisher talks to Byron Brewer about The Great Divide #4, on sale in December from Dynamite. Covers by Adam Markiewicz and Kevin Stokes. BYRON BREWER: As December approaches, Ben, what do you have in store for Maria and Paul in issue #4 of The Great Divide? BEN FISHER: Our protagonists learned some potentially world-changing information in issue #3,[...]
It Can Be Easy To Let Dystopia Become The Dominant Character Of An Apocalyptic Story
Writer Ben Fisher talks about the November issue of his Dynamite series, The Great Divide #3, with Byron Brewer. Covers by Adam Markiewicz and Ben Dale. BYRON BREWER: Ben, usually there is a heavy gloom that falls over a book set in "a post-apocalyptic world," bringing down everything and making any other atmosphere/mood almost impossible[...]
Writer's Commentary – Ben Fisher Talks The Great Divide #1
Grab your copy and follow along. Cover by Mike Henderson and interiors by Adam Markiewicz. Page 1 I knew from the first draft of the script that I wanted to open with a "man runs into a bar" joke It sets a thematic introductory bookend for the issue and also juxtaposes nicely with the gruesome imagery[...]
I'm Not Touching You… Cause It Will Kill Us Both – Ben Fisher On The Great Divide
Covers by Adam Markiewicz and Kevin Stokes. BYRON BREWER: What are the difficulties/challenges of writing a dramatic, character-driven tale about a man and a woman working together in a world where any physical contact results in agonizing death? How do you achieve closeness, romance, etc …? BEN FISHER: That tension is exactly what makes writing the connection[...]
Dynamite Tuesday: Fisher And Markiewics Bring The Great Divide
Smuggling Spirits creators Ben Fisher and Adam Markiewicz are bringing The Great Divide to Dynamite Entertainment. In story, humanity awakens in the near future to the horrifying reality that the faintest touch from another's skin results in agonizing death The survivors isolate themselves, many driven mad by fragments of memories absorbed from the dead[...]