Here's The Thing About 'Ready Player One' Haters- They're Wrong

Touching on the prevalence of bullies and those who pick on lower level and/or poorer gamers?  Yes, because that's part of the point of the freaking story.Main character Wade Watts and his avatar Parzival (played in the film by Tye Sheridan) is poor, and a low level character in the gamer-culture world of the OASIS *because*[...]

'Ready Player One' Releases 'Dreamer' Trailer, Yes There's Some New Footage

The sleeping Iron Giant of WB has really woken up over the last week, as all the new Ready Player One images, posters, and trailers will attest.  While yes, this maybe isn't a completely 'new' trailer, there most definately are new images and sequences in it that we haven't seen yet.Built mostly as a collection of[...]

These 'Ready Player One' Reimagined Classic Movie Posters Are AMAZING

Finally it seems like Warner Brothers is moving forward at a clippin pace to bring more Ready Player One movie goodness to the public before the film opens at the end of the month.  If you're at all familiar with the premise of Ernie Cline's book, then you know the importance of classic 80s films on […]

Ready Player One: The High Five Announce Hot Topic PopUp Experience, New Footage

This new trailer has been showing on NBCSports during the Olympics; I first saw it last night.Seeing the High Five together is interesting: Olivia Cooke as Art3mis, Sheridan as Parzival, Win Morisaki as Daito, Philip Zhao as Shoto, and Lena Waithe as Aech.Ready Player One is set to hit theaters on March 29th.[...]

Ready Player One: Final Trailer Full of Pure Imagination

And perhaps the most interesting choice: several shots of Aech.I've been trying really hard not to talk about the source material plots revolving Aech, because the reveal of that is sort of one of the most surprising parts of the book It doesn't matter ultimately, but it was an inspired choice of Ernie Cline's to put[...]

Ready Player One: Brand New Character Posters Introduce the High Five

In the book, he is the first person to find the key and go through the gate.Then we've got Art3mis/Samantha Evelyn Cook played by Olivia Cooke, second to find the key and successfully go through the gate.We've got Aech, (I'm trying real hard not to spoil the big reveal for non-book readers) who is Parzival's best[...]