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Transformers Unicron Super-Mega-Crossover Finale Event Will Be Fully Returnable

Last month, we learned that IDW plans to end their Transformers comic book universe in the only way they know how: with a super-mega-crossover event. Transformers: Unicron by John Barber, Alex Milne, and Sebastian Cheng will run for six-issues bi-weekly this summer, kicking off with a #0 issue for Free Comic Book Day. And now, as announced during IDW's presentation at […]

From Strip To Script – Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

By Josh Hechinger Welcome once more to From Strip to Script, where I reverse-engineer a script from a finished page of someone else's comic. Now, speaking for myself, the appeal of certain toy lines is equally "Oh hey, those are fun to play with" and "Oh hey, someone's written a quirky little backstory for this […]

Post-Dark Cybertron Speculation

By Spencer Ellsworth Dark Cybertron has been disappointing thus far, following the trend of many an overblown crossover. Drawn mostly by fill-ins and relying on rehashed plot lines, the event shows at least one bit of promise: the forthcoming series teases, for the event named "Dawn of the Autobots." The teaser photos and promos created […]

Dark Cybertron Is, Thus Far, Dull Cybertron

Spencer Ellsworth writes: The thing about reading Transformers comics: it's one of those nerd habits that one has to defend in the presence of other nerds. So: If you can get good stories from a rubber bat suit, you can get good stories about shape-changing robots. Damn good stories, at times. That's the law of […]

Did Aliens Steal Pat Lee's Money?

Pat Lee is a comic creator who, along with his brother Roger Lee, started Dreamwave Productions. And then managed to divert all its income streams into a new company Dream Engine before then making Dreamwave bankrupt, owing stacks of cash to creators and companies alike. And then managed to do the same with Dream Engine. […]

Pat Lee's Back… And He's Got Something To Twit.

"Peace and love to you all and continue in moving towards success and great positivity. Positivity will manifest ten fold if you keep it a consistent thought – and you will be fullfilled spiritually and physically." Pat Lee, famed as a superstar artist, poet, model and man to whom credits and payments are an ephemeral […]