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Star Trek: Ronald D. Moore Reflects on DS9 Bond-Inspired Episode
Julian Bashir, played by Alexander Siddig, who finds himself in a transporter accident and placed in a holosuite program in the role of a secret agent tuxedo and all evoking shades of the 1960's James Bond films His objective is to complete the mission and save the day before he can resume his normal life. Alexander[...]
Skylines: Alexander Siddig Talks Film, Star Trek, and 21 Bridges
Alexander Siddig emerged as one of the hardest working venerable sci-fi actors in Hollywood Not only did he solidify himself within the annals of pop culture history with his role as Dr Julian Bashir in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but he brings to his latest film Skylines his stoic and charismatic charm to the[...]
Alexander Siddig Talks About Playing Ra's al Ghul
This new behind-the-scenes video for Gotham gives us our first good look at Alexander Siddig as Ra's al Ghul and it looks like we meet him standing by the Lazarus Pit Siddig gives us an idea of how he is approaching the character and that Ra's is looking to make Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) his[...]
Ra's al Ghul Is Coming To Gotham
Deadline is reporting that Alexander Siddig, who has appeared in so many genre shows it may be harder to find ones he hasn't been on, will be bringing his talent to the Fox series Gotham The Demon Head is expected to make his debut on the Batman prequel series shortly after it's return from a[...]