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From C2E2 – Darwyn Cooke To Draw All Of All Star Western #34

From the DC All Access Panel at C2E2, we have learnt much. That Aquaman And The Others will centre on the ten Atlantean weapons bought with ten bars of gold to be discovered and gathered. That Doomsday will decapitate a bear in Doomed. That everyone in the San Diego Comic Con edition of Harley Quinn […]

All Star Western Cancelled By DC Comics (OR NOT – UPDATE)

Along with the news of 3D Covers for a Five Years Later event in September 2014  also announced at ComicsPRO was the cancellation of All Star Western.The Jonah Hex series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray was unique in the English speaking comics industry as an ongoing western comic book, although it also managed to[...]

Meet the Mayor: The Life and Times of Jimmy Palmiotti Part II

By  Nikolai Fomich On Friday, October 18, at New York Comic Con, Jimmy Palmiotti sat down to talk with photographer/writer/Jedi Knight Buddy Scalera, in a session modeled after Inside the Actor's Studio. As detailed in Part I of this report, Palmiotti spoke at length about his life and times, recounting his early years, how he broke into comics, and […]

Palmiotti And Conner Latest Project: Marriage

In an announcement early today Jimmy Palmiotti tweeted the following:   Amanda and I tied the knot. Finally. — Jimmy Palmiotti (@jpalmiotti) August 6, 2013   The wedding took place on a catamaran in the Gulf of Mexico at sunset. Only a small group of family and friends were in attendance along with a […]

In One Week, In Two Weeks – From Half Past Danger To X-Men

Next week sees the launch of Half Past Danger from IDW, Bounce from Image, Akaneiro from Dark Horse, Green Team and a big expensive Green Lantern #20 from DC, Occupy Comics from Black Mask and Tank Girl from Titan.The week after that? Wake #1 and X-Men #1!DARK HORSE COMICSAKANEIRO #1 $3.99DARK HORSE PRESENTS #24 (MR) $7.99DEEP SEA[...]

Is That Booster Gold In All Star Western? WTF DC?

And the covers have been changing to reflect them.But this cover for All Star Western #19 still has a man with a yellow hand pointing a gun at Jonah Hex Except, with that blue knee, well, that's Booster Gold isn't it? I suppose he can time travel...He's the original cover.. And the Bleeding Cool competition[...]

Ten Thoughts About Ten Comics – Mara, Glory, Emily And The Strangers, All Star Western, X-Men Legacy, Batman Inc, Dollar Bill, Aquaman, Justice League Dark, Angel And Faith

All Star Western does manage to get away with things that, well, Robin wouldn't Maybe Scott Lobdell and Palmiotti/Gray should swap?And that's proof positive that Si Spurrier has bedded into X-Men: Legacy, bringing out his favourite anti-mutant hateword there Do you remember the days of All Ages X-Men comics where they still went for the[...]

Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – All New X-Men, Flash, Prophet, Fatale, RIPD, Before Watchmen (x2), All Star Western, My Little Pony, Superman, Teen Titans, A Plus X, FF, Lot 13 And Thor,

There is no way in any narrative world these two should still be hanging around each other, but aren;t you glad, in All Star Western, that they are?Blimey! I thought this was a little kids book? Seriously, that is one freaky looking pony.Booty call? Really, Superman?Awkward indeed In Teen Titans, Scott Lobdell continues his journey[...]

DC's New 52 One Year On – Week Four

while so many books seem desperate to slip past it.All Star Western has done a fine trick of keeping Jonah Hex in and around Gotham, with the original Arkham, Mayor Cobblepot and a Wayne great-grandfather showing how handy he is with a pistol, even the early stabs at the Court Of Owls, making it more[...]

Nighthawk And Cinnamon Return To The DCU

This week's All Star Western #7 is bringing back two characters of old, the Wild West superheroes Nighthawk and Cinnamon Much to Dr Arkham's chagrin.Nighthawk was created by  Robert Kanigher and Charles Paris in the forties as a costumed cowboy, later revealed to be the reincarnation of Egyptian prince Kufuh, and destined to reincarnate into Carter Hall,[...]

Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Of Today's Comics – Superman, No Place Like Home, All Star Western, Wolverine And The X-Men, Teen Titans, Sixth Gun, Rasl, Justice League Dark, Flash, Dark Knight, Mondo, Prophet, Mighty Thor, Aquaman, I Vampire And Fantastic Four

And shows that Aquaman is channelling his inner Samuel L Jackson, then Mera can bring on the Sigourney Weaver too...All Star Western gives us something we rarely see in coming The long, drawn out, gun battle Indeed most Western comics have avoided this, peppering such events with acres of dialogue, and getting them out of[...]

Fourteen-And-A-Half Thoughts About Fourteen-And-A-Half DC Comic Books Today – Voodoo, Shade, Black Hawks, Green Lantern: New Guardians, All Star Western, I Vampire, The Flash, Firestorm, Hawkman, Aquaman, Teen Titans, The Dark Knight, Superman And The Ray

With last issue's cliffhanger disposed of, and the Butcher arc seemingly wrapped up, suddenly we get a whole new complication in All Star Western #3 Jonah Hex's desire to leave Gotham looks like it may be coming thematic, this could be the city he never leaves And could that be some foreshadowing of The Joker[...]

Wednesday Comics Reviews – Aquaman, Justice League Dark, Voodoo, Firestorm, Dark Knight, New Guardians, Blackhawks, Superman, I Vampire, Hawkman, Flash, Teen Titans, All Star Western

But what do we call her?All Star Western #1 by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and MoritatHe's a cowboy-styled Wild West bounty hunter He's a newfangled psychiatrist with a taste for the bizarre Together they fight crime Even if that's neither of their primary motivations Even staying together is hard enough.Jonah West and Amadeus Arkham, treading[...]